Decluttering Tips for Home: Decluttering Services vs Organising Clutter

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Arranging and organizing clutter in homes is an activity our cleaning technicians handle frequently, at an extra cost. But very rarely do we get to declutter homes. We seek decluttering tips for home that make this tedious task a little bit easier.

There is a big difference between decluttering and organising clutter.

In arranging clutter, our staff first bring down from lofts and other places, bags and boxes containing hundreds of items. Then, they dust their contents with care, pack them back into their boxes and return them to their original spot. Or they are placed in another part of the house.

In the course of the cleaning our teams also patiently dust and clean numerous items that are placed in the open, in different parts of homes.

So, as possessions accumulate and we find there is no place for newly bought items, we preserve the old ones in boxes, tucked away in the lofts.

Organizing clutter is arranging the same unwanted things after dusting and cleaning, in a pleasing way.

This is how most of us arrange and manage clutter in our homes. It does not dawn on us to discard things that served their purpose in the past, but are no longer needed now.

We cannot wish away clutter by organizing and arranging them in neat containers.

It is almost like sweeping dust under the carpet.

In this way, many homes become overwhelmed with clutter – things they don’t need or use.

Most homes can do well with applying the latest decluttering home ideas and decluttering methods.

What is Clutter And Why Hire Decluttering Services?

Clutter is anything that does not add value to you or your home. They are those things that add to your stress levels because of the weight of things all over the house. You even spend a lot of time searching for things amid all the overcrowded items in the house. If you have too many things piled up in your home, it is also very embarrassing to have guests come over.

Clutter is also deferred decisions. It could be because you are too busy or you are too emotionally stressed to take the decision regarding the clutter.

Hiring our professional decluttering services allows you to find room for the essential things by discarding the items you can easily do without.

80:20 Rule and Why People Still Hesitate to Adapt Decluttering and Minimalism?

I have discovered that the 80:20 rule (20 percent of our activities accounts for 80 percent of our results), applies to our possessions as well.

Instead of caring for and using the vital things we really need, we allow hundreds of unnecessary things to burden our lives. We fail to adapt to decluttering and minimalism methods for our home.

It is only a small minority of goal-oriented, successful people who break away from the ways of the majority of people. They have a knack for focusing on the vital 20% of the things and activities that really drive results in their lives.

Here Are A Few Common Reasons Why People Avoid Using Decluttering Home Tips:

  • Because things were purchased in the past, people are hesitant to part with them – regardless of whether they serve any function in their lives.
  • Sunk cost bias (how can we discard things we bought with our hard-earned money!) prevents us from questioning their relevance in our lives anymore.
  • Some people are too overwhelmed with decluttering methods and stress that they don’t even know where to start. So, they condemn themselves helplessly – to a life of more clutter and more stress.
  • Many people have been bought over by modern consumerist behaviour and the marketing hype creating such behaviour. They have concluded that happiness comes from having more and hoarding more.
  • Then there are those constant “worriers” who refuse to part with things thinking it might come handy sometime in the future – “just in case.”
  •  Finally, we are conditioned by our hard-wired habits and so, the behavior that comes to us as second nature, is to acquire more stuff – without thinking.

Decluttering, on the other hand, is a deliberate choice made with intention – to opt for what is meaningful or useful and discard everything else.

People in Chennai – though they are only a small minority – are beginning to experiment with minimalism and decluttering ideas in their homes.

Yet, if you try to find decluttering services near me in Google search then, you are unlikely to find any in Chennai. People have not yet taken to decluttering services as a way of life in Chennai.

Adapt The New Decluttering Tips for Home to Avail Decluttering Benefits:

  • A decision to declutter is a decision to introduce order and a sense of purpose in your life.
  • By decluttering, you reduce stress levels because you are no longer overwhelmed by the piles of things lying all over the house.
  • It is easier to clean and maintain a decluttered home. It remains clean for a longer period.
  • It helps you save more money because you need less and purchase less.
  • Decluttering methods help you save a lot of time and become more productive in serene, enabling environments.
  • You get more time to spend with family and on what matters most to you.
  • You are proud to invite guests into your home.

A Quick Glance At A Few Effective Decluttering Methods:

Now that we are clear about the decluttering benefits, it is time to explore the most commonly practiced decluttering methods as recommended by world-renowned decluttering experts.

Marie Kondo, the Japanese, regarded as the high priestess of decluttering, suggests decluttering your home by category. She has a hierarchy of categories, starting with clothes, and assures us that we will be able to win the war against clutter by following this method, in an aggressive manner, in one go.

Another champion of decluttering, the American Joshua Becker, recommends decluttering room by room.

According to Colleen Madsen, it is less stressful and easier removing one unwanted item every day from your home. The emphasis is not on one item, rather, on every day.

According to me, the method doesn’t really matter as much as your reason for decluttering. Once you are clear about the purpose of decluttering, you are bound to find your way to the right decluttering tips for home and a happier lifestyle.



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