Painting Services

When we paint your spaces you would love it more.


  • • Inspecting the premises to be painted to understand customer needs and preferences.
  • • Once the job is confirmed, If the customer desires, consulting with an expert on colour harmony to get an opinion on the colour tones that would blend with the environment and the personality of those who live there. Also decide on the type of finish (Tractor Emulsion, Premium Emulsion, Royal Shine, putty finish etc) and brand of paint to be used.
  • • Covering the floors and furniture with drop cloths or tarpaulin to protect them well.
  • • Cleaning the walls and scraping the top paint with sand paper.
  • • Applying primer and if customer requires, applying putty for better finish and colour consistency.
  • • Going ahead and painting the interiors & exteriors using the colours and specific paints decided upon.
  • • Painting of doors, windows, furniture etc., are also done – with paint or varnish along with melamine coat.

  • If you like your home or office to sport a colourful, fresh and bright look, this is as good a time as any to paint your spaces.

    So, put on your imagination hat and think colours of all hues to unleash into your home the right energies and feel-great factor. We will share our expertise and work with all our heart you to make you feel extremely proud of your home.

    An expert on colour harmony will help in choosing the colour scheme for your home or office, should you need help. This would make all the difference in transforming your home or office into a place you would love being in.

    We use various painting techniques to create interesting visual textures. Kitchen, dining hall, drawing room, bed room and children's room can be painted using interesting themes and colours depending upon your wish.

    As we put our heart into our painting services and create beautiful living spaces, we see happy, beaming faces and that is truly our reward.

    Tentative Price

    Starts from

    Rs. 14/sft

    for painting with Tractor Emulsion paint.

    The type of paints to be used, the number of coats of primer or putty application etc., are factors which go into determining the cost of painting.
    Therefore, price determination is arrived at after an inspection of the premises to be painted and customer requirements.