Painting Services

Let your walls announce who you are.

Our Approach to Painting

The colors you choose, mix and match in the process of getting your home painted is a way of expressing yourself. We paint to enable you, our customer, to feel truly at home – in harmony with your nature. Your home thus becomes your personal statement.

Our Painting service is for us a way to live our Mission:
To see the smile on the faces of our customers as we transform their living spaces into beautiful, orderly and inspiring places.

Therefore, our focus goes beyond just painting. We believe that every painting work we get is an opportunity to partner with you in making your homes look beautiful and inspiring.

That is why an expert on color harmony will help in choosing the color scheme for your home or office. This could be instrumental in transforming your spaces into a place you would love to live in.

So, we could suggest carefully chosen works of art to embellish the walls with telling effect. And of course, we only know too well how good lighting and choice of curtains can enhance the colours adorning walls.

In the process of painting, we make your living spaces beautiful. And we create an enabling atmosphere. And come up with simple, affordable and innovative ideas to introduce elements you would be proud to flaunt.

The possibilities are as vast as your imagination. An inviting kitchen coated with bright and pleasant colors, a kid’s room oozing in creativity, bedrooms steeped in elegance, a hall that suggests opulence…. Or you prefer to experiment with a monochrome concept using different hues of one royal color. Or, go classic with uniform milk white, class written all over the walls.

So, put on your imagination hat and think colors of all hues to unleash into your home the right energies and feel-great factor. We will share our expertise and work with all our heart to make you feel extremely proud of your home.

How to Book our Service


Contact us over phone or email.


We arrange for an inspection to listen to your requirements and timelines.


We send our quote by mail.


Upon your confirmation of the order, we send our expert color consultant to discuss the color scheme and suggest solutions to meet your preferences.


On receiving a confirmation with advance we commence the work and complete it within the committed time frame.

Interior Painting...How we bring your walls to life.


We repair damages caused by water seepage before undertaking painting.


Decide with the customer on the type of finish (Tractor Emulsion, Premium Emulsion, Royal Shine, putty finish etc) and brand of paint to be used.


Painting the kitchen, hall, bed rooms, dining hall, kids’ room with different color themes for each room or using a single classic monochrome concept all over the house.


Painting doors and windows.


Varnishing doors, window frames and doors, cupboards, cabinets (floor mounted or wall mounted), furniture etc., including melamine coat.


Smart, minimal use of wall paper, customized to specific needs, to amplify a theme or to create special effects.


Designing and creating feature walls that would stand out for their unique textures or effects, thus setting the tones and moods you wish to live with.


Appropriate use of stencils to make your walls come alive with interesting modern or classical designs.


Wall decoration ideas

How do we paint your Exterior? Protect your house at all times..


We first clean the exteriors using high pressure jets to remove dust, algae etc.


Before finalizing the right colours for exterior walls, sample painting on two or three parts of the walls.


Using the right paints in the right density to protect the exteriors from the harsh elements of nature.

Why Choose Service Square?

We have a holistic approach to painting service. Apart from painting, we give ideas on right placement of furniture, creative use of lighting, of art decors, plants etc., to make homes and offices look new and beautiful.

Colour harmony consultation is offered by us. Our color experts would suggest ideal colours based on your furniture, room lighting and room accessories, complementing the personalities of the people living in the house.

We can help with designer walls using stencils, hand painted wall murals, a touch of wall paper and other creative ideas.

We indulge our creativity to design feature walls with special textures exploiting a wide range of designs offered by Asian Paints Royale Play or Dulux Velvet Touch Trends.

To provide service with a heart – as our tagline says – we listen to customers to understand what they want and execute the work as if we are painting our own home.

A few additions on your walls can bring out your personality and taste. Books, works of art, a gallery wall, pinup board, creations derived from nature are things that can be customized to amp your walls so that you live surrounded by the things you really care about.

Trust and Reliability. We keep our commitment.

We keep customers in the loop always with progress of work, especially when they live far away.

We cover your floors, furniture and precious belongings during painting.

Painting works are supervised closely. We hold ourselves accountable in case of mistakes.

Tips to choose the perfect colour for your house.

The environment / home we live in has an effect on how we feel.

Color theory has it that walls in cool colors (like blue) make an impression of moving away while objects in warm colors (like red) create the illusion of moving toward us. Therefore, walls in cool colors create an illusion of spaciousness, encouraging creativity. Walls in warm colors create a sense of contraction conducive to focus.

A few additions on your walls can bring out your personality and taste. Books, works of art, a gallery wall, pinup board, creations derived from nature are things that can be customized to amp your walls so that you live surrounded by the things you really care about.


This is our second experience with Service Square folks. While the first experience delighted us, the second one has deeply fixated an experience which we will remember for our life time. While there are many others who render professional services on time, what makes Interiors Square folks stand out is their personalized attention they extended. We must mention, they did not limit their scope of work to the interiors and painting works, but openly embraced the plumbing challenges which was out of the scope of work and did it the way they would do it to their own house. If anyone needs to know more, please call me at 99401 03938. We are very thankful and grateful to one and all in Interiors Square family

- Rajkumar Padmanabhan

What a wonderful feeling after the maintenance / painting activity completion at our home! One more positive point which needs mention is that the attitude and workmanship delivered by leadership and working team. Kudos and my first choice will be yours for my future projects too...

- Charan Adithya

I would like to thank your team members for the excellent painting work done at our home. The workers came on time, were courteous and did their job efficiently. We are very satisfied with the end results. I would also like to commend the cleaning crew who did an excellent job of cleaning up the house after the completion of the paint work. I would certainly be using the services of Service Square again and have no hesitation in recommending your services.

- Rumi Asveen

I would like to convey my special thanks to one and all who did Interior painting, wood polishing and Marble floor re-polishing at my home. Service square staff are customer friendly from front office to field workers. I am impressed with the marble floor re-polishing which came very well with excellent mirror finishing of the marble floor. Interior painting was done with extra care as it involved moving of furniture with the help of painters who were very patient and respectful. Wood polishing was done within a short period but without compromising on real quality. Supervision was great and price quote was nominal.

- Navaneetha Krishnan

My apartments carpentry, cleaning and painting work was done by them. Can independently work without any owner supervision. And completed work on time. Decent and professional working people who understand customer requirements clearly.

- Saravanan Narayanan

I am very happy with the quality of painting work done for my flat in Nanganallur and the timely manner in which the painting work was completed. Your staff was very courteous and helpful. It was excellent work by your team. I was searching for reliable people to do my painting work - where I can give the work and not worry about it. Based on my previous experience with Service Square I made a choice to give it to you and know that I have made a good choice. I will continue to recommend Service Square for all of my friends. Keep up the good work !!!

- Srini


Regular temperature checks


We check the temperatures of our staff every morning and also before entering our customers’s place.

Transport in company vehicles


We ensure our staff commute to office and to our customer’s home is only via the company vehicle.

Handy hand washes


Each of our staff members will carry an individual hand wash.

Personal protection equipment


Our staff is protected by the Personal Protection Equipment that includes full gown,face mask and hand gloves.

Sanitized tools and equipments


We disinfect all equipment twice every day, once before leaving to the customer’s place and once after finishing the job.

No service in containment zones


We confirm a service only after ensuring that no one at customer’s place is down with the virus.