5 Organizational Tips That Will Help You To Keep Your House Clean

5 Organizational tips

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Let’s imagine an ideal world. After a hectic day at work, and long journey back to home you step into your house. The sofa is empty and comfy and is drawing you to it. You succumb into a relaxed mode as you take a sip of the all-important coffee.

Now let’s get back to the harsh reality, as you enter your home, the ledge above your shoe rack,where you usually keep your bag, is already filled with random things, you spend some time to clear it. Then, when you want to sit and relax on the sofa – you see a pile of clothes already occupying your space. I understand the frustration that takes over you. And I’m sure most of us face this, almost every day.

No matter how many a times we keep cleaning, we will have to keep cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. That is unless, we can get the house organized. This will reduce the time we spend on the cleaning drastically. Here are some of such organizational tips that worked for me and I hope it will help you too.

1. Delegating a specific place for each item

List down all the things that just lay around. The list will most probably include the old newspapers and magazines, kids toys, some stationary items like tape, pens pencils. Allocate a shelf for the old newspaper and magazines, and a small draw, may be in your TV unit, for the stationary.

Most common and easily overlooked item would be the pile of washed clothes. I use 2 laundry baskets, one for the dirty clothes and one to hold the washed ones until find the time to fold them and put them away.

2. Closed cabinets and display units

Closed cabinet and showcases are a blessing. I designed my display units as well with glass shutters. This way, I don’t have to worry about cleaning the items inside the cabinets regularly. I clean them once in a while, specifically when I engage myself in the deep cleaning process of my home.

3. Minimalism, Because, less exposed things = lesser things to clean!

This tip is as simple as it gets. Having lesser exposed things means lesser things that will be exposed to dust! Try to simplify your home. Most of us have the habit of displaying photo frames and other small decors in the open. Before doing so, think it over from the maintenance point of view, display the items that are minimalistic in nature, they are easier to clean! This will allow you to have a maintenance-less home without compromising on the aesthetics as well.

4. De-clutter your table tops:

Keep only the essentials, like the days’ newspaper, may be a writing pad and the recent magazine on your center table. The dining table and the kitchen counter tops are the ones that get easily messy. Do check out“8 Tips for a clutter-free kitchen”.

5. The cleaning routine

I follow the 2 routines every single day.

The Morning Routine – Making the bed as soon as I wake up, replacing the newspaper and putting the old one in the draw, arranging the dried utensils before I start my cooking process. This reduces the time I spend on searching for things.

The Night Routine – Cleaning the utensils and clearing my sink, spend exactly 5 minutes in each room to make my house, the way it should be.

Try out a few routines and adapt the ones best suited for you. Also return everything back to its specific location right after use. This rule holds good for everything – be it in kitchen or in bedroom! By doing so, you can avoid spending time on a separate clearing up task!

These tips will definitely help you to reduce the time and effort and will make the cleaning process easier. And organizing itself will give your home a much needed revamp! I understand that keeping a house clean may be an exceptionally tedious task, but is not an impossible one.

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