About Us

Your home or work space is a sacred sanctuary in which you can… just be. But, not if the space is weighed down by the dusts and smells of time. No one feels at home and welcomed in a space that screams for care and attention.

Enter Service Square, a company that provides professional solutions for property improvement needs. We believe, and our customers agree, that what makes us special is the ‘heart’ we put into whatever we do. This is why our tagline is, “Service with a heart.” Providing service with full involvement and commitment.

Service Square specializes in providing deep cleaning, floor polishing as well as sofa and carpet cleaning services – for homes, offices, educational institutions, restaurants and large apartment complexes, among others.

The company has also recently entered the domains of facility management, interior decoration / home renovation, painting and repairs services.

At Service Square, we offer critical services that are the need of the hour for customers like you. We promise to free you from the headaches of life and create wonderful experiences through our high-quality services.

We are very excited about the path we have chosen, and would be delighted to help your living/work space live up to its full potential.

Our Philosophy

Towards the end of 2014, when the core team at Service Square assembled to take stock of the company’s achievements so far and how we wished the brand to be perceived in the highly competitive marketplace, the terms, 'feeling', 'commitment', ‘happy’, 'experience' and 'smile' came to the forefront.

"Service with a heart" was conceived as our tagline, to mirror those sentiments.

In tandem with our logo – which depicts the smile of our staff inside and that of our customers outside the square – the statement conveys our vision of putting our heart and soul into the seemingly mundane and ensuring smiles all around.

So, what does "Service with a heart" mean?

For the team at Service Square, this translates to creating a lasting impression in the lives of customers by giving their homes or offices the TLC (tender loving care) they rightly deserve, by going the extra mile, by working with ‘heart’.

For you, the customer, this means walking into a sparkling clean, perfectly ordered home or office …the stuff that real smiles are made of!



Babu Vincent


In 2000, Babu Vincent decided to step down from a long, meritorious stint as director of a courier company to take the entrepreneurial plunge with Service Square. Since then, he has worked tirelessly and experienced first-hand the company’s growth and evolution – from being a concierge service provider to what it is today. He believes in providing experiences rather than just transactions, and strives to give customers the best value. Within Service Square, Babu Vincent is passionate about creating and nurturing a team that values quality, commitment, honesty and above all... precious time.

As a young man, fresh out of college, Babu Vincent dabbled in teaching, doing social work and working as a business executive. He worked his way up the professional ladder with grit and determination, spending time in different parts of India learning the ways of business, learning the ways of people.

Babu Vincent has a passion for all things ‘running’: running marathons, running riot on his blog (check out his personal blog: www.soulfulgrowing.com and www.servicesinchennai.com for his articles on entrepreneurs who provide services of exceptional quality), running wild in the Kerala rains… and running the extra mile to ensure that you, the customer, have the home of your dreams.


Mary Sujatha


‘Mary from Mysore’ is a force to reckon with, with a voice to move mountains and a resolve to tackle the trickiest of situations. Armed with a Master's degree in HR, she has over 35 years of experience in the HR field. She has helmed the HR department in different companies across various industries (education, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare), and was actively involved in the National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM) for several years. She is the only woman, in the history of NIPM (Mysore chapter) to have been awarded the position of Hon. Secretary. Mary Sujatha has also conducted several programmes on creative thinking in various corporate organizations.

Her dream, as director of Service Square, is to achieve what the company’s logo stands for- to ensure that both the company’s customers and her small army of dust-busters have broad smiles on their faces.

Our Mission

"To put a smile on the faces of customers, as we transform their living spaces into inspiring and beautiful places."

Our Values

  • Service with a heart
  • Be Connected
  • Value Creation
  • Create Beauty
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Innovate

  • x

    Regular temperature checks


    We check the temperatures of our staff every morning and also before entering our customers’s place.

    Transport in company vehicles


    We ensure our staff commute to office and to our customer’s home is only via the company vehicle.

    Handy hand washes


    Each of our staff members will carry an individual hand wash.

    Personal protection equipment


    Our staff is protected by the Personal Protection Equipment that includes full gown,face mask and hand gloves.

    Sanitized tools and equipments


    We disinfect all equipment twice every day, once before leaving to the customer’s place and once after finishing the job.

    No service in containment zones


    We confirm a service only after ensuring that no one at customer’s place is down with the virus.