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One-time complete deep cleaning of homes, villas, bungalows etc. Cleaning of specific areas like toilets, kitchen, sofa is also done.


One-time complete deep cleaning or special area cleaning of toilets, kitchens, pantry areas etc. of small or big offices, guest houses etc.


One-time thorough cleaning or cleaning of only toilets, kitchen etc., of schools, colleges, other institutions.


One-time deep cleaning of industries, factories or cleaning of toilets, kitchen, canteens etc.


One-time deep cleaning of entire restaurants or only kitchens, toilets etc.

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Providing service with full involvement and commitment.

What it takes to be a world class cleaning company in Chennai

600+ Google reviews from delighted customers suggest Service Square is the best service provider in Chennai for quality and reliability in home cleaning services.

This is mainly because we listen to customers – with empathy.

We have introduced best global practices in our professional home cleaning services, and molded ourselves according to customer expectations.

The practices have become ingrained in our system of operations And are now part of the Guarantees we offer customers.

Each deep cleaning service is designed according to each client’s individual home cleaning needs and budget. Our cleaning professionals strive to maintain the house cleaning service quality and are very passionate about providing you with the best quality home cleaning and other cleaning services.

Our professional cleaners constantly work hard to make improvements to the home cleaning process to deliver full customer satisfaction at affordable rates. We prepare a comprehensive checklists to meet the specific home cleaning needs. At Service Square, our cleaning experts make sure that your house is deep cleaned to your exact requirements at every visit.

Discover more on this topic from our blog post – 7 Ways To Find The Best Cleaning Services in Chennai.

Our Guarantees


Our cleaning services are done by our amazing, skilled and trained staff in company uniforms & not outsourced.


In case you are not happy with any part of our cleaning service, we redo the service – FREE.


Our charges are collected at the end of the cleaning – not beforehand. Satisfaction before payment.


We inspect homes or offices before work, to grasp specific customer needs and to plan with the right cleaning technicians and materials.


Use of Colour coded mops and micro fibre clothes - (red and yellow in toilets, blue in hall and bedrooms and green in kitchen – avoid cross contamination.


Services like decluttering, floor polishing, painting etc., in addition to cleaning, help create soulful living spaces – a holistic approach, going way beyond just cleaning.


The cleaning materials used by us are environment friendly. We do not use acid.


The cleaning tools used by us are from Unger, the German world leader in the space of cleaning tools.


Customers get service with heart. Our teams go the extra mile and create experiences through their work.

Our Expertise in Other Fields

Specialized Services That We Provide

About Floor Polishing

Floor Polishing

Floor polishing can help you regain its brightness and shine.

Painting work 2


Painting your home, the right way, brings about a sense of balance or poise to your home.

Toilet Cleaning

Water Proofing

Painting a home without arresting water seepage is a waste of effort and money.

5 Organizational tips

Sofa Shampoo

Service Square will provide you with thorough upholstery cleaning extending the life of your furniture.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Shampoo

If carpets are not shampoo cleaned at regular intervals, they can even start emitting a foul odour.

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We provide our services in the entire city of Chennai as well as in the suburbs.



Decluttering & Minimalism

Why decluttering could be even more important than cleaning?

Deep cleaning services is our core activity.
So, you may wonder why we emphasise the pre-eminence of decluttering services in Chennai.

Decluttering is, discarding all those items in your home which serve no function other than to add to your stress.

Decluttering is also about going against the grain of consumerist behaviour which convinces us that having more stuff makes us happier.

Decluttered home

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