Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Services for Residential & Commercial Property

There is an increased awareness all over the world about the need for cleanliness in our surroundings. The global cleaning industry is in the region of $75 billion currently. Every year, from 2016 till 2022, the cleaning industry has been growing by 6.4%.

Covid-19 has accelerated the emphasis on health as a focal point in our lives. The mushrooming of professional home cleaning services in Chennai during the past few years is a proof of this trend.

So, why are many Chennai-its, who have traditionally favoured maids for keeping their homes clean, beginning to take the help of professional cleaners in Chennai?

One reason is that we are part of a global eco system. And the practices followed in different parts of the world are seeping into our shores as well. We are able to see the benefits of living in hygienic environments by opting for the services of the best cleaning services in Chennai.

What really are the benefits of engaging professional cleaning services for residential & commercial properties instead of depending only on services from maids, or doing the work yourself?

  • Professional Home Cleaning Services use the right cleaning materials and tools to clean better.
    It is not practical for people to invest in expensive cleaning materials and cleaning tools and therefore, the regular cleaning may not be of very high standards.For example, at Service Square, the cleaning tools used by us are from Unger, the world leader in this segment. Also, unlike most households which manage with one multi-purpose cleaning material for cleaning, most professional home cleaning services use specific materials according to their functions. Thus, the cleaning materials used for cleaning taps, kitchen counters, and toilet floors; glass panes and floors are of distinct formulations. Cleaning, when done by professional cleaning companies in Chennai are certainly more efficient.

  • The real professional cleaners in Chennai also have a method or process in their cleaning. They know what to clean first and how to clean most efficiently. Some of these practices make professionals cleaning services indispensable if you are really interested in cleaning your living spaces well. Unlike cleaning services provided by most maids, professional cleaners are thorough in their work. They ensure that every nook and corner of the home or office are cleaned thoroughly.One example is, we at Service Square use colour coded microfiber cloths in our cleaning. These cloths can trap 95% of bacteria and germs when they are used in cleaning. The purpose behind colour coding of these microfiber cloths is to ensure there is no cross-contamination of germs and bacteria from one part of the house to another.

    Such practices are followed only by the best cleaning services in Chennai. If you are interested in identifying the best cleaning services in Chennai, you may be able to gain valuable insights from this article.

  • The health benefits of availing the services of professional cleaning services are, you can be sure to save many visits to your doctor to deal with problems related to allergy medications. Deep cleaning services by professionals cleaners will help eliminate allergens, germs and air-borne contaminants.
  • In most homes and offices in Chennai, bathrooms which ought to be the cleanest place are a picture of neglect and unhygienic conditions. Maids usually shy away from cleaning them. So, the best way to get them back to their spotlessly clean appearance is to engage the services of professional cleaning companies in Chennai.

  • The value and life of the furniture, carpets etc., would surely deteriorate when they are not maintained well by cleaning them on a regular basis. Cleaning services in Chennai have the right equipment and the processes to bring back the shine and colour of regularly used furniture, rugs, sofas etc.

  • When it comes to the cleaning of offices, professional cleaners in Chennai do make a huge difference to the overall cleanliness. When commercial establishments are maintained spotlessly clean, the health of employees is taken care of. Besides, employee morale is also high when they work in clean surroundings.

  • Many housewives end up slogging day and night taking care of the cleanliness of their homes and cooking food for their family members. In the process, they do not get to spend quality time with their family members.

Some even put their health to risk by over exerting. Relying on cleaning services in Chennai can prevent such exertions while also ensuring their homes stay spotlessly clean.


  • In the final analysis, investing a few thousand rupees on getting your homes professionally cleaned is worth it on many counts. The happiness of living in healthy environment can energize everyone in the family. The time saved can be invested on productive activities or in being in the company of one another.
 Professional cleaners in Chennai are your friends who can help you live in healthy, stress-free and happy, in hygienic environments. Achieving this is worth all the money that you may have to spend.
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