How Floor Polishing Creates Ripples of Well-Being.

Has it occurred to you how your home environment influences your thinking and actions in no small measure? 

The condition of your home tends to send ripples of joy or stress and these seep into you. And it influences your thinking and actions.

It is equally true that if excellence is part of you, it will express itself through everything you have and do.

The type of flooring is foundational to the elegance of the home and state of your mind – literally and figuratively. This is where your eyes fall first and its condition can elevate your moods or depress you. Or simply make you feel numb – which is even worse.

Secondly, maintaining your floors will ensure that they last longer in pristine condition.

In this way, the value of your property also would get enhanced.

Type of floorings, their advantages and disadvantages

These days, tile floorings are very much in vogue. They are easier to maintain and will retain their sheen just by cleaning them properly on a regular basis. Wear and tear will not show on expensive tiles. When they do, the only option is to replace them after removing the old ones.

Floor polishing services are not appropriate on tiled floors. If too much of dirt has accumulated on tiled floors, the best solution is to scrub them using a single disc machine. Once this is done, the brightness and shine on the tiles flooring will resurface. Floor scrubbing services can be availed from companies like Service Square which has both skilled technicians and machines to get this job done for customers.

Marble Floor Polishing Method

When it comes to marble flooring, you can flaunt them for the world to see and marvel. Though you have to be careful about maintaining them well, there is hardly any match for the beautiful natural designs of marble floors. 

But if its shine has gone, it becomes lifeless. However, unlike tiled floors, marble floors can regain their majestic look and shine just by repolishing them. Marble floor polishing is not very easy for you to do on your own. It requires specific skills and a heavy machine is another requirement. 

If you have marble floors that require immediate attention for restoring them to their original glory, the best solution is to look for marble floor polishing services. Service Square has expert marble floor polishing technicians to get the sheen back on your marble floors. Perhaps, on account of the reputation, it has gained for this service, Service Square comes up among the top names even when you search for ‘floor polishing services near me.’

If you want to get a mirror finish on marble floors through polishing, it is indeed very important to follow the right marble floor polishing method. The first step involves thoroughly cleaning the floor before running the machine to hone or flatten the floors with different grades of industrial diamonds. 

The next step is to polish the floors inserting pads of different colors in sequence – starting with black and proceeding with green, red, tan, white, etc. These pads serve different purposes in making the floors smooth and shiny. The more these pads are used, the more they gain a mirror-like finish.

Again, marble floor polishing method on Italian marble and Indian marble differ slightly. For one, a specific and more expensive powder is required as an abrasive agent, on Italian marble floors. Secondly, they also need more time and attention to get the best finish.

Crystallizing the floor is the last of the steps in marble floor polishing. It involves application of a chemical resulting in “mirror like” shine. Crystallization also creates a coating of micro film on the surface of the floor that preserve its color and the brightness.  

Short-cuts with the right marble floor polishing process is bound to result in poor finish. That’s why, it is very important to choose marble floor polishing experts who are proud artists of their craft.

Anything less than might make you think that you have been short-changed.

Removing stubborn stains on marble or mosaic floors
In several homes, very expensive marble floors look in terrible shape because of its dull look and particularly because of dark brown stains in different parts of the floor.

The good news is that most of the stains can be made to disappear using specific chemicals on the stained areas of the floors. This way, the floor will have an even colour and smooth finish.

Service Square floor polishing technicians have the know-how to remove such stains on marble and mosaic. But 100% result cannot be guaranteed.

Mosaic Floor Polishing Services

Mosaic floorings look unique because of the lovely designs made up of colourful pieces of glass and stone embedded on mortar background.

However, with regular use, mosaic floors become rough, and over time, a layer of dark patch of dirt tends to envelop the floors. Scrubbing mosaic floors can be an inexpensive solution, but while this removes the dirt, the floors continue to look rough – because of which dirt will again accumulate in no time.

The only solution is to engage mosaic floor polishing services to get back the brightness and original colours of your floors.

Mosaic floor polishing process

Like in the case of marble floors, mosaic polishing begins with a thorough cleaning of the floors to be polished. Then, a single disc machine on which 8 different grades of abrasive grids are attached at different stages of polishing, hones or makes the floor velvety smooth.

Once the mosaic floors become very smooth, the next step is to apply wax in order to create shine on the mosaic floors. After applying wax, the single disc machine is again run on the mosaic floors, this time with a white pad making circular motions on the mosaic floors. The heavy machine and the rotating pad generate enough heat for the wax to penetrate into the mosaic floor, making the mosaic floors very shiny.

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Mosaic Floor Polishing Services

Mosaic floor polishing is not a Do-It-Yourself activity. There are several reasons why it is a good idea to let professionals do the job.

  1. If you are concerned about the quality of mosaic floor polishing, it is best that you entrust the work to professionals. It is of course important to choose the right service provider who can be held accountable and who have value systems and good work ethics. Even if it costs a little more, it is worth going with a company or service provider who will not let you down. Well-polished mosaic floors tend to reflect light and enhances the overall beauty and elegance of your home. 
  1. Professionals have the right materials and appropriate machines to polish mosaic floors. Using cheap options to polish your mosaic floors in order to save money, can even cause damage rather than get the quality finish you are after. It is worth keeping in mind that while you may spend a little extra to hire the services of a very good floor polishing company or service provider, you will also gain by appreciation in your property value.
  1. Professional floor polishing companies or service providers bring with them years of experience which will give you the result you expect. It is no use re-inventing the wheel when you have resources available. Good professionals’ name and reputation is on the line and therefore give of their best.
  1. Mosaic floor polishing is time-consuming work. It takes at least 4 days to polish a 2 BHK home measuring about 1000 sq ft, using efficient floor polishing machines. Imagine the time taken doing this without a machine, using some other archaic method! The time taken to research the mosaic floor polishing method and finding the right polishing materials can be better employed in pursuing worthwhile goals.
  1. Even if you buy a single disc machine, it is not at all easy to run the machine. In the end, you will end up spending a lot of your valuable time learning the knack of floor polishing. Someone unfamiliar with floor polishing will end up damaging the machine, the property or both.

How Service Square can make a difference

We at Service Square have our own teams for polishing your mosaic or marble floors and making them look new. We polish them so well so as to transform your floors with a mirror-like sheen. The polishing materials used by us are the best in the market. This ensures that we leave no stones unturned as we go about polishing your floors to bring life back into it. 

Making homes soulful Service Square focuses on floor polishing services because it is a vital service in our quest to make homes soulful. Apart from floor polishing, Service Square has built a good reputation for decluttering, one-time deep cleaning, sofa & carpet cleaning, and painting services.

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