Top 7 Decluttering Tips for Home to Improve Your Well-Being

Decluttering Tips for Home

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The idea to live a simple life with less stuff seems appealing to many. But usually, they start feeling overwhelmed, worried and defeated around the idea of living with less. Learning decluttering tips for home and doesn’t have to be as tough as a few people make it sound. 

But there are numerous decluttering benefits which will surely improve your well-being.

Explore the 7 Decluttering Tips for Home to Improve Your Well-being:

1. Get clarity about why you want to declutter and check if it is in sync with your life’s goals:

The first of the decluttering tips is essentially a prerequisite for anyone who is keen to start on a journey of decluttering.

Without fulfilling this condition none of the other tips is likely to survive the test of time.

The first tip and condition to meet is, getting clear about why you want to declutter. It is about internalizing with a strong intent and emotion the many attractions of decluttering and minimalism.

It is about knowing from your guts the dangers of mindlessly hoarding, believing that your possessions will make you happy.

You will then be convinced at a deep level that by opting for a lifestyle that promotes fewer things, you maximise your life.

For people who have big goals in life, befriending minimalism and decluttering will help them stay laser focused on the essential things that will serve them well.

When you truly understand the meaning of – less is more – you can truly join and enjoy the journey of decluttering.

2. Decide on the decluttering methods, once it is decided, take action and stick to it:

After you have the conviction that decluttering is in alignment with your life goals, the next step is to go ahead and do it – meaning, get down to decluttering your home practically.

I have listed above a few popular decluttering methods recommended by experts from different parts of the world. You can declutter by category at one go, as advised by Marie Kondo or you can follow the method of decluttering room by room, as suggested by Joshua Becker. There are different methods as there are experts, one of which is to remove one item you don’t need – every day.

Personally, I am a fan of Marie Kondo’s philosophy and style of decluttering. She demands commitment and action in the direction of your conviction. Half measures are not for her. And, I like the way she shows respect for even inanimate things.

Whatever method of decluttering you choose, the important thing is to be committed and keep taking action.

In case you feel intimidated about the enormous task of decluttering, you can look for decluttering services in Chennai.

We have decluttering fans at Service Square, who will be able to guide you to start you on your important journey.

3. Keep what sparks joy:

Marie Kondo strongly suggests decluttering by category in a particular order – clothes first, followed by books, then papers, and finally komono (miscellaneous items). If you prefer to follow any other decluttering ideas for home, it is fine, but make sure that you have a system of decluttering in place.

The best way is to put your belongings in a pile first. And then, place them in 4 big cardboard boxes labeled, Trash, Donate/Sell, Maybe, and Keep.

Into the Trash box goes all the items that no longer serve their purpose. Those items which you may like to sell or donate to charity should go into the Donate/Sell box. Maybe-box is for keeping items you are not sure you want to discard. Finally, you will place all those things you wish to retain for yourself, into the Keep-box.

I find this decluttering ideas attractive. You will place into your keep box only those belongings which spark joy. Marie Kondo’s way is to hold those clothes or items in your hands and feel them for the vibe you get. If those useful possessions resonate with you and you feel connected to them strongly, then the items are for you to keep.

You will discover that once you have decluttered fully, you will tend to focus on quality rather than quantity. The possessions you own will have a touch of class because your new persona would demand that.

4. Organize the items you have decided to keep:

Now that you have decluttered your items, the next step is organizing the items you have decided to keep. Decluttering and organizing go hand-in-hand.

If the possessions which you have decided to keep are again dumped into cupboards or wardrobes in a disorderly way then, it almost defeats the purpose of decluttering. Just as there are decluttering home tips, there are also organizing tips.

For example, keep the clothes you wear according to the purpose you wear them. Office wear should be neatly arranged in one place. So should be the case with party wear, or casual wear. Socks, underwear, etc., should also have a separate place.

One important organizing tip is – every item you own should have a home. Once an item is removed for use, make sure you put it back into its home.

5. Organized clutter is still clutter:

This is among the most important home decluttering tips.  In your anxiety to retain as many of the unwanted items as possible, you may get tempted to keep them. You will convince yourself that you are anyway going to organize the items in an elegant way, in your home. You will even tell yourself that each item will be placed in its home. 

This is a seemingly innocent compromise, but it has all the markings of a self-defeating tactic. The truth is, clutter by any other name is just clutter – even when it is attractively placed in its home.

It will serve us well to understand that our clever justifications for retaining possessions “just in case” stems from our worries and anxieties.

What we are achieving through decluttering is not subtracting items from our lives. It is, on the other hand, adding a sense of clarity and serenity.

6. Simplify the walls:

Walls in our homes often present a sight of visual clutter. Photos, paintings, and knickknacks may look great when viewed individually. When they are however placed close to one another, they create a picture of clutter rather than beauty.

It is very important to remember this – just as music is made by pauses between notes, so also, objects are made more beautiful by vacant spaces around them.

Let your walls have very few things, but those things should be what matters the most to you.

7. Implement clutter-free habits:

Getting rid of clutter is only the beginning of the journey. It is bound to make you more focused on your goals. You will not do things out of habits but out of your volition and intention. It is very easy to fall back on old ways of doing things and reacting to life situations.

The hard thing is to stay on course on your focused life. So, it is very important to implement clutter-free habits very consciously, by your act of deciding.

When you are tempted to visit old cluttered habits, it will serve you well to remember that the burden of clutter is not just money. The other invisible and imperceptible costs of clutter is your precious time, space, focus, and energy.

Perhaps, when you count the enormous cost of clutter, you will think many times before you take a step in that direction.

Service Square has 5-steps services designed to keep your home soulful.

The steps start with decluttering and end with thorough deep cleaning.

In between, there are furniture optimization services, adding design elements and organizing your belongings in aesthetic ways.

Living in an uncluttered, clean and soulful home is a joy to treasure. And the above-mentioned decluttering tips for the home will surely help you do that!



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