Floor Polishing

Let Your floors reflect your class.


Wear and tear takes its toll on all types of floors and they become dull, dirty and get a brownish tinge. All the money spent on expensive flooring seems pointless or even a waste. Floor polishing can help you regain its brightness and shine.

We at Service Square have our own teams for polishing your floors and making them look brand new. We polish them so well so as to transform your floors with a mirror-like sheen. The polishing materials used by us are the best in the market to ensure that no compromise is made as we go about the floor polishing job.
We polish marble and mosaic floors. To get the best mirror like finish particularly on marbles, many cycles of polishing – using different grades of pads have to be done. The cost of polishing therefore is determined by the extent of cycles repeated.

What we Polish?

From mosaic floors to soft limestone, we clean, polish, remove stains, grind, and even repair minor damages. The services rendered include polishing for the following two types of floors:
Marble floors (Indian & Italian) and Mosaic floors.

Scrubbing and removing the dirt and stains on tiled flooring with a machine is also undertaken by us.







For Whom

Large floor areas in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, malls etc.

Small Offices, Corporate organisations etc.



The Process


Protect the wall immediately above the floor with paper so as to avoid even minor splash marks.


Prepare the floor for flattening or levelling, in the process removing scratches.


Filling cracks if any.


Hone the floor which means smoothening the marble floor with industrial diamonds, bringing shine to the marble.


Polish the floor using different colours ( black, green, blue, red, tan, white, etc….) of pads. The more the different types or colours of pads are used, the shinier the floors become.

Why Service Square

We take every job as an opportunity to provide service with a heart – giving our customers a warm, wow experience rather than just another soulless transaction.

A demo on a small area of the floor, at very nominal cost, can be arranged before agreeing on the work – to enable customers to visualise what they will get once the job is completed.

We are transparent. Before starting a work, we inform our customers clearly regarding the process and the expected outcome for the money they pay. Scope of work will be given in writing.

We will not take shortcuts to maximise profits.

Service Square as an organisation will stand by customers and promise accountability.

We use branded items to get the best results. Cheap, local products are not even considered as an option by us.

We are experts at providing mirror finishing particularly on Marble Floors, using diamond grids.

Crack filling is done by us on chipped floors.

Deep stains, acid stains etc., will be removed by us – though not 100% in some cases.

We help shift furniture from one room to another during polishing without troubling our customers.

We ensure your painted walls will be safe from splashing of water, by protecting the lower parts of walls with paper.

We are experts at polishing table tops, water basin tops etc.

We will not keep changing the price agreed upon and fixed, unless extra work is requested by customers.

Repolishing of marble floors done by us will be done at reduced rates.

We will give useful tips on the cleaning materials to be used and the way floors have to be maintained.

Our Recent Works

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Our Price

Our prices will vary depending on the existing condition of the floors, type of floors, extent of furniture to be shifted etc.

Marble Floors


Starting from
Rs.25.00 per sq ft


Starting from
Rs.35.00 per sq ft

Subject to a minimum of 1000 sq ft. A lump sum (consolidated) amount will be arrived at where the sq ft area is less than 1000 sq ft.

Mosaic Floors

Starting from
Rs.15.00 per sq ft

Subject to a minimum of
1000 sq ft.

Tiles floor - Scrubbing

Removing stains and complete general cleaning by machine scrubbing:
Rs. 5.00 per sq ft
(Minimum-800 sq ft onwards.).

When scrubbing is done during house cleaning, the cost will be only Rs.3.00 per sq ft.

Crack filling, removing deep stains etc., will require special materials and efforts and will be charged extra.
GST @ 18% will be added to the above charges.
AMC offered at attractive rates for large floor areas in hotels, hospitals, restaurants etc.,


Regular temperature checks


We check the temperatures of our staff every morning and also before entering our customers’s place.

Transport in company vehicles


We ensure our staff commute to office and to our customer’s home is only via the company vehicle.

Handy hand washes


Each of our staff members will carry an individual hand wash.

Personal protection equipment


Our staff is protected by the Personal Protection Equipment that includes full gown,face mask and hand gloves.

Sanitized tools and equipments


We disinfect all equipment twice every day, once before leaving to the customer’s place and once after finishing the job.

No service in containment zones


We confirm a service only after ensuring that no one at customer’s place is down with the virus.