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Toilet Cleaning - Getting rid of lime scales and dark stains

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At Service Square, we clean hundreds of homes every month. Our experience over the past several years only reaffirms our belief that the needs of our customers with regard to housekeeping services in Chennai, are not the same.

It is easier to begin this journey of customizing our housekeeping services or toilet cleaning or kitchen cleaning in Chennai, according to the unique demands defined by the topography of Chennai. For example, people living in Velacherry, Pallikaranai, Perungalathur, Adyar. face a major challenge in cleaning their homes. The challenge they face is posed by the saline content in the water they use.

It is not just these areas, but also areas like Nungambakkam, Rangarajapuram in Kodambakkam, Ashoknagar and Aminjikarai which are about 10 km from the coast line are finding saline content in the water from deeper bore wells, according to a recent Times of India report.

The residents of the areas mentioned here confront almost the same ugly problem. The tiles in the toilets show lime scales or heavy whitish-brown deposits of salt mixed with soap and dirt. Restrooms with mirror and glass in them have dirty whitish stains all over them, making the glass opaque. The taps and steel fittings also announce the same ugly, unholy alliance of salt water and dirt combined.

The power of regular house cleaning

Toilet cleaning, if it done on a daily basis, will not require extreme and time consuming cleaning solutions. After bath, if the walls and floors of toilets are first cleaned with water and then wiped dry with a clean cloth, toilets will remain fresh and clean. But, in many homes, this may not be a practical solution because of paucity of time.

So, as menacing dirty stains form all over the toilets, the last resort most often is calling a housekeeping company in Chennai like Service Square. Professional companies like ours use the right cleaning chemicals and engage specially trained staff to almost restore the toilets to their original glory.

Some tips to do it yourself.

However, if you have the time and inclination, you can do the work yourself too. If you do not have access to 3 M, Taski or other products which good professional companies use in cleaning services in Chennai, an easily available material you can use is undiluted white vinegar. Apply it in the toilet bowl and other areas to be cleaned and leave it for about an hour. Then, apply the vinegar again, and with gloves on, scrub hard the bowl, basin, walls and floors of the toilet using scotch brite. Most of the stains will be removed and with more such cleaning at regular intervals, your toilets will regain their original look – almost.

If the lime scales are thicker, you can use a fine sand paper and scrub the dark stains off, using the right amount of pressure, so as not to scratch the surfaces.

Or, pamper yourself and get toilet cleaning done by professionals

The advantage of availing the services of a professional company like Service Square is, you can sit back and use your time for relaxing or in other productive activities. Our experienced staff come in company uniforms with specific and unique cleaning materials meant for toilet bowl, for tiles, for steel fittings etc. Above everything else, we invest a lot of time with them to ensure they imbibe the right processes and values to exhibit in their work our tagline – service with a heart.