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Modern Trends In Interior Design

Looking upon things that could accentuate the elegance of a household, we can think of so many ways and try out different looks to make the place we live in, a happy and a cosy one. We can consider giving each room in the house a different feel and tone. One needs to understand the tone to add your personal touch to it. This is how you can make your personal space- whether it is big or small – your home. Some of the current trends involve a lot of detailing to decor and design.

Trendy Living Room
One of the most important part of your house is your living room because you are going to spend most of the time in there and when you bring your guest to your home, the first thing they are going to look at is your living room. Your living room sets the tone to your entire house. These days, classic and vintage tones are the trend in interior designing.

Classy White Walls
Walls can go as bright or as light as you wish. The current tone to get it absolutely safe and right is a plain white wall. When it comes to white walls, it can never go wrong. It contrasts well with almost any other colour. White walls can serve as a very pleasing background when it comes to hanging art pieces on the walls.
Or, if you wish to, you can take the services of Interior decoration companies which know a thing or two about bringing harmony through the use of colours. Expert colour consultancy involves understanding the people living in the house and suggesting colours that match their character and inclinations.

Picking the Furniture
When thinking about the furniture for your home, maybe you should consider those that will be a perfect contrast to your background walls. Things with high contrast almost always work out well. For example, Navy colour goes well against a white background. In fact, many designers suggest navy to be the new black. Be bold, be persuasive, it always adds a touch of confidence to your home. If you're going with a dull or plain colour for your wall then a funky yellow sofa or any furniture, say a table/stand will definitely add that right dash of colour to your house.

Personalised Bedroom
The one place where you find yourself after a long day of work is your bedroom. Make sure that this room is as personalised as you want, because this is the one place that will create the right mood before waking up or shutting down to sleep. The cosiest room in your entire house is going to be your bed room. Make sure to add your touch to it. Neat and clean sheets will give you the best comfort, but before that your cot and bedding is something you need to ponder upon.

Decide the size and the finish
Make sure you decide the size of the bed and then think about the finish. Wood and teak finish are the trend nowadays. Make sure you pick something that fits well in the bedroom. Some like to go for simple designs while others settle on ornamental canopy beds which works well in any bed room. You can spice up the canopy beds, however you want. But make sure you discuss it with the interior designer, to get the clarity you need on what to choose.

Bedside Table and Storage.
It is always desirable to have bedside table or a storage area. A small, dainty bed side table or a full packed cupboard with draws will give a look of order and neatness. This will definitely make your life better when you wake up the next day. Furniture which has gold or copper detailing to it adds to the elegance.

All about the material
When it comes to bed sheets or curtains, make sure you find the most comfortable sheets which will put you off to sleep. The colour of the sheets and the curtains doesn't have to be similar but has to co-relate. White always works with bedding but when it comes to curtains it is recommended to choose a thicker material and a dark colour so that when you don't want the light to enter through the window, it works. There are so many materials to choose for bed sheets and curtains like faux leather, original cotton and more, but now, the trend is shifting from minimal lace and velvet curtains to linen and wool.

Don't forget throw pillows
Throw pillows are something that consistently adds a cosy feeling to your house. While selecting your throw pillows make sure you have colour scheme in your mind. Most of the time monochromes go well but throw pillows with wordings and texts are also currently in trend. Some tropical patterns also add fun vibes to that small space and one can never have too may throw pillows. Make sure you find something that connects with you very well and put them near your bed or your couch. All these small things can add certain character to your home.

Plant Your Way
Indoor plants are trending all over the internet and a trend that is so healthy to hold on to, so you should definitely think about planting something in your house. Be it adding small pots of plants in your living room or hanging cacti near your window, plants always work. It's not just a decor, but it adds a sense of freshness to your room. If you're a plant lover, then you could take it to a level 100 by planting along the whole wall, a nice way to do that is by adding in creepers to your wall. The plants make you feel fresh and your spirits will then soar high.

Vintage Decors
From wall frames to even regular tables, your interior designer could set you up with the right accessories for your room. Vintage is the classic theme that we all are rooting for this 2017. Be it wall hangers or chandeliers or lamps, an interior designer can easily hook you up with what works in each of your rooms.
To bring all the trends out and alive in your home space, you would definitely need an interior designer or a knowledgeable person to help and guide you throughout the process of making your home a beautiful and joyous place. Through service square you could get the services more easily and efficiently, if you're interested in this service, please click on Service Square is known as an organization that makes living places beautiful through services delivered with a heart.