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Service with a Heart

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Recently, we got a call to do a thorough cleaning – including all walls in the house with a wet sponge. The customer’s story was – her child would be coming home from hospital after a major operation and the child absolutely would need a sterile environment during recovery period.

 Hearing our customers’ unique motives or stories for choosing us – lead to understanding. When our actions and work arise out of that understanding, some alchemy transforms our work.

Almost always, the work done by our team evokes happy feelings and positive vibes among our customers. 

It is a big thing for us, when the smile in our Logo – extending from our staff to our customers – gets reflected in our work. 

That explains the genesis of Service with a Heart as our tagline. 

We focus our energy to make our logo and the tagline pave our path and culture at Service Square. 

Heart’ is the essence of our taglineEach alphabetin HEART represents a word conveying deep meanings. Like children in a nursery school chant words representing each alphabet, somewhere in my mind, this chant rhymes every now and then:

H for Hear
E for Empathy
A for Art
R for Rituals
T for Transcend 

H in Heart stands for Hear – to understand.

A few days back during my conversation with a customer in her home, I discerned from the customer’s words the story behind her call to us. So much of effort, love and pride have gone into the making of her beautiful home. She wants her home to look at its freshest and best at all times. 

This morning, our team visited another house. The customer, a young man, is getting married in a fortnight and is keen the house he would move into with his wife will be a clean dwelling place. 

To understand the customers’ stories, it is important to hear them out. Once their real motives are clear, the next step is to design the services that would meet their individual narratives. 

One-size-fits-all type of services make little sense. 

That is why at Service Square we rarely confirm cleaning of a home or office without an inspection. The number of staff to be sent and the cleaning materials to be taken are determined during the inspection. 

After understanding customers’ unique stories, adherence to the following processes help us to deliver service with a heart

  • The first part of our inspection report is about the customer’s story or their motives for cleaning.
  • We also make a note of the specific cleaning required by the customer.
  • We send the scope of work to the customer including our understanding of her specific needs.
  • We communicate the story to the cleaning technicians so they respond with empathy.
  • Then, we find out from the customer whether our work made the desired impact.
  • In our daily morning sessions with our cleaning teams we celebrate their success stories or learn to do better the next time. 

Though delivering great services is an art, it is processes such as the ones mentioned above that make the art possible.



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