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It is true that polishing floors using good professionals does not come cheap. But think about what you would get out of the investment! It is almost like reclaiming your fresh, bright and shiny home. Even more, it is about the fresh, happy and positive energy that sweeps into your home as a new brightness shines on the floors of the house.

Every home owner or business owner wants perfectly cleaned and polished floors, but with time, wear and tear take their toll. They become dull and get a brownish tinge. Floor cleaning and polishing can help you regain its brightness and shine.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional to clean or polish your floor.

Floors should be handled and treated in the correct way because they are made up of different materials and ingredients. Attempting to polish a floor by yourself with the wrong equipment or chemicals can cause irreparable damage to the floor. Experienced professionals use the right chemicals and materials depending on the type of floor, avoiding such damages.

Increase Property Value 
Having your floors polished by professionals, increases the value of the property. Floor polishing restores the brilliance of the property, protects the investment and lengthens the lifespan of hard surfaces.

More light and brightness with simple lighting
Polished floors are highly reflective thus do not require extensive lighting, a simple lighting will be enough to illuminate a house. Further, the play of light on shiny floors add to the aura of the house.

To add the real sparkle to your home or office
Windows, rooms, furniture, and artworks can give your home a striking appearance but only a properly done up floor can add the real sparkle to your home or office.

Polishing with sealer creates a protective film on the floor
Stones like marble absorb liquids and thus stain very fast. Applying sealer after polishing creates a protective film that keeps the stain from spreading too fast. So, you get some time to remove the stain before it penetrates. However, it is important to understand the nature of the marble before applying the sealer.

Polishing the marble decreases the absorbency rate of the marble.
Polishing decreases the absorbency rate of the marble, preventing stains from spreading. Polishing also brings out the colour of the stone. If you want your marble floors to get a bright, mirror like shine, then polishing is a must.

It is worth remembering that polishing wears out the marble only micro millimeters every time and hence polishing floors every four or five years is a very good idea.

How Service Square can assist you with floor polishing need
From tough granite to soft limestone, Service Square teams clean, polish, remove stains, grind, and even repair minor damages. The services rendered include polishing marble floors, stone floors, ceramic tiles and mosaic floors. Service Square has been in business since 2000 and its team believes passionately in its Mission: To be trendsetters in making living spaces of customers beautiful by combining processes and services with heart. If you wish to learn more about the services embellished – every time – by Service Square, please visit www.servicesquare.com



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