A few ideas to Declutter your home

September 27, 2020   |   Our services

A few ideas to Declutter your home
The idea of uncluttered and clean space is truly a driver behind the minimalist movement, and the desire to seek and adapt its principal ideas in interior design. If you really stop to think about it you do not need so many things. We can live in any space with a lot less.

As the saying goes, “Less is More”...meaning lesser the decor, more efficient and appealing your space will look.

Here are a few Pro tips from INTERIOR SQUARE for you to start Decluttering.


The most common way anybody will start decluttering is to go room by room. Right? But going from room to room makes it hard to truly comprehend what you own – and will inevitably lead to a rebound. Hence our advice is to declutter your home by category all at once, for the entire home.

Example: Gather all of your papers from throughout the house – the hall closet, storage bins, under-bed organizers, work table, etc. – and stack them together. Once you have every item you own in one place, it’s easier to organise and declutter them. Then move to next category.



The order in which you tidy is the secret sauce of Marie Kondo’s method. By starting with the easiest category, you hone your decision-making skills and clarify what sparks joy.

This is the order:

   • Clothes

   • Books

   • Papers

   • Miscellaneous items

   • Sentimental items

In her book, Spark Joy, Kondo explains "Clothes are ideal for practicing the tidying up skill first." Your clothes are very personal items in which you have complete control over what goes and what stays. To start, Kondo believes it's important to take every article of clothing you own and put them into one big pile. This will allow you to see everything you have in one place, and help you evaluate what to keep and what to get rid of in one shot.


THE 4 BOXES - Trash, Donate, Keep, Maybe

While you are in the middle of decluttering, it is possible you can easily get lost half way. Hence we recommend you to organize your clutters in to 4 BOXES - KEEP, DONATE, TRASH MAYBE.

The KEEP BOX is for the items you want to keep. Find a home (storage spot) for these items later.

The DONATION BOX is for things that are in good condition and can be given away as Good will. Donations are a wonderful way to reduce more to less at your home.

The TRASH BOX is for items you no longer need and should be emptied regularly! 

The MAYBE BOX is for any decisions you aren’t ready to make yet. You can put furniture or decor in this pile and leave it in a closet for up to three months. If in the course of three months, you have retrieved the item because you found a need or spot for it, then you keep it. Anything in the “Maybe” pile after three months gets taken to a donation center.


Have nothing that isn’t functional, beautiful, or brings JOY! Otherwise that item is going to sit in your space and add to more clutter over a period of time.

If you are confused about what you want and don't want, ask yourself this simple question - “Does this item bring me joy?” If yes, Keep it!


Usually, the Go To solution for clutter would be to add more storage. But that is the opposite when it comes to Minimalist Lifestyle. In Minimalism, the idea we share is to live with less storage spaces. Hence in the long term you would not buy unnecessary things, and treat every item you buy as a valuable investment.


Too many storage units in a home is also very disturbing for its ambiance. All your clutter just gets a hiding space and not a home for itself. It becomes a dumping unit over a period of time and not a storage home for your items. Hence we at INTERIOR SQUARE highly recommend living with less storage units and essentials.


There is no need to stress out at all. Keep things super simple. Most innovative ideas are very simple and very basic!

For example, if you are a lazy person, the simple idea is to add a wicker basket in your bedroom, u can put your bed spreads, cloths, pillows in this. This will add as a design element to your space as well.

REUSE old glass tumbler, cups for pens, brushes, stationary, etc. Think about other items that can be reused in your home.

Investing in furniture that adds up as storage is also a great idea like a bed with side units for storage. You can store books, files, bed sheets etc, making the space very efficient.

We at INTERIOR SQUARE also help you declutter your home and teach about Minimalist lifestyle. We offer the following services:

•Decluttering   •Space optimization   •Design Elements   •Colour harmony   •Cleaning services.


                                                          HAPPY DECLUTTERING...!


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