Sofa Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Service

sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning service in chennai

Almost as good as buying a new sofa – at a fraction of the cost.


  • • Dissolve our plant & enzyme-based sofa cleaning liquid in water and stir to make the shampoo.
  • • Using a bristle brush, break up the dirt caked on the sofa. Deep Vacuum and remove dust and debris from the surface of the sofa. Remove lint and fur using a lint roller.
  • • Apply the Shampoo on the fabric evenly. Use a soft brush and rub not too hard, to ensure that the shampoo breaks up the dirt particles.
  • • Use the Extraction vacuum machine and suck all the dirt out.
  • • Repeat the process until all stains/dirt are removed.
  • • Let the sofa air-dry. Vacuuming repeatedly is not enough to dry the fabric. Just leave the sofa alone until it air dries completely.

  • Sofa Cleaning

    Dust, germs, food crumbs, stains, and blemishes give your sofas and upholstery a dull, unclean look. They are often eyesores in an otherwise beautiful home. And, with kids or pets, the problem is compounded. But now, you need not live with this unwholesome look. Service Square will provide you with thorough upholstery cleaning extending the life of your furniture.

    Once we clean deep into the pores of your upholstery, you will be back to enjoying your renewed, brighter sofa in no time. Our cleaning process for upholstered sofas is safe for your entire family and dries fast.

    What our cleaning does is, the efficient cleaning materials we use work away at breaking up the dirt and grime trapped deep within the fibers of your upholstered furniture so they can be easily removed.

    Our cleaning method and products work perfectly with all types of upholstered furniture materials – whether they are made of leather, rexin, or fabric. We clean not only sofas but also office chairs and other types of furniture.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Compared to sofas, carpets hide a lot more dirt, dust, food crumbs, and what not...

    In addition to the health hazards, the carpets look discolored and jaded, diminishing the look of the interiors.

    Our special plant and enzyme-based carpet cleaning materials are sprayed into the carpet, then agitated with a brush or a scrubbing machine. Next, we use a vacuum cleaner over the surface of the carpet to rinse out all lather, water, residues, soil, and tiny particles embedded in the carpet. Areas with tougher stains are treated separately. In the end, the carpet is dried to reveal its almost clean, original look.

    Tentative Price

    One Seater Sofa

    Rs. 413/-

    Leather Sofa

    Rs. 531/-


    Regular temperature checks


    We check the temperatures of our staff every morning and also before entering our customers’s place.

    Transport in company vehicles


    We ensure our staff commute to office and to our customer’s home is only via the company vehicle.

    Handy hand washes


    Each of our staff members will carry an individual hand wash.

    Personal protection equipment


    Our staff is protected by the Personal Protection Equipment that includes full gown,face mask and hand gloves.

    Sanitized tools and equipments


    We disinfect all equipment twice every day, once before leaving to the customer’s place and once after finishing the job.

    No service in containment zones


    We confirm a service only after ensuring that no one at customer’s place is down with the virus.