A journey from Decluttering to Minimalism.


Cleaning a cluttered home is like pouring nectar in a sieve. It is a near wasted effort.

And so much of time goes in arranging and cleaning the pile of things.

When you declutter, you eliminate the excess baggage that serve no purpose. In fact, clutter adds to your stress levels.

As you travel down the path of decluttering and removing excess stuff from your life, you begin to see how much calmer your home feels.

And your home retains the clean look with minimal effort.
However, to declutter, you need a shift in mindset and perspective – to fight against the cultural message that the things you own define your success, that who you are and what you have will never be enough.

In simple terms, by minimising your possessions, you maximize your life. That’s why there is truth to the saying – Less is More.

Why Declutter?

A tidy, clean home is a joy to live in. That joy has a way of spreading calmness and peace all around.

But….. Despite all the cleaning we do in our homes, it becomes messy again, soon enough. And the untidy look returns.

The fault does not lie in the lack of effort in cleaning. The untidiness is a reflection of the amount of clutter in our homes.

The importance of decluttering and minimalism as a way of life, is underestimated by most people. When we own more than we need, it adds to the clutter at home and creates an untidy look. Besides, we waste our finite resource – time – in maintaining our stuff.

Living in an uncluttered home, with an uncluttered mind, can save you 15+ hours every month and get you to a state of flow. Decluttering is the action that leads you to adopt a lifestyle of Minimalism. Where Less is More.

Minimalism is less about the things you remove and more about the things you add – to the quality of your life.

Designing a Minimalist Home

We can also help you introduce elements of Minimalism to the interiors you live in. We love to do up a home designed along the lines of minimalism, with lots of natural light and simple, comfortable furnishings. The palette that we prefer to use is mostly monochromatic and colour is used as an accent. Our Minimalist designs aim at functionality, space optimization, free flow of air and graceful elegance. Once your home is designed this way, it will usher in an atmosphere of serenity. It will be an inviting space that has timeless aesthetic.

Most of our services are done in-house. Our vertical – Interiors Square (www.interiorssquare.com) – focuses exclusively on Interior Designing and Renovation Services. Painting Square (www.paintingsquare.com), another division of ours, handles painting services. Decluttering and deep cleaning are what our parent organization, Service Square (www.servicesquare.com) specializes in.

We also believe that there is no ‘one solution’ to a design problem. A space can have multiple design solutions depending on the uniqueness of each space and depending on the user’s needs. Hence, we put in a lot of effort to understand your needs and functions of every item and propose solutions for all spaces, requirements and budgets.
Adopting this lifestyle takes you on a journey – perhaps beginning with decluttering your closet or your entire home, then a certain aspect of your life, or even your daily schedule.

This journey has the potential to help you find what really matters in life.

Benefits of Decluttering and Minimalism

Just think how much of effort and time we can save every month if we didn’t spend time on:

  • Cleaning the excess stuff in your home.
  • Categorizing them.
  • Rearranging them.
  • Looking for misplaced items.
  • Spending endless hours shopping to buy them.
  • Working extra hours to make the payments for them.

You can do the math to know how many hours you could be losing every month to things that do not add value.

Statistics show that getting rid of clutter eliminates up to 40% of housework.

And, women’s stress levels are directly proportional to the amount of stuff in their home.

Studies also show that 50 per cent of executives would save minimum 30 minutes to 1 hour daily in an organized place.

Studies have proven that a decluttered and well organised home –following the principles of minimalism - can save you 15+ hours a month...!

There is a way to break free of the clutter – to make your home reveal a clean, elegant look always. Decluttering is t he smart way to a permanently elegant, clean home.

This is how you naturally progress towards minimalism, treasuring the things you really love or value and discarding things that you do not need or cherish. You will then marvel how Less is actually More. And how simplicity and order bring freedom and balance in your home and your mind. Then you will see the emergence of a peaceful home without clutter and mess all over the place.

When you maintain decluttering and removing excess from your life as a ritual, a shift in perspective invariably happens, which will lead to life style changes, affecting the way you think and behave – rather than changes that only create better outward appearances.

How we can help you declutter and introduce Minimalism in your home.

Here are the 5 steps to declutter and create a Minimalist life style that will:

Save you 15+ hours every month and keep you laser focused to achieve your life goals.
And get a beautiful, minimalist and elegant home without any clutter.


Classifying the hundreds of small and big items in your home into 3 clusters of what you will 1) keep, 2) sell/donate and 3) trash is bound to unburden your home and your mind.


This step is about rearranging furniture aesthetically, getting the best out of available space. Our space design expert will help you arrange your furniture optimally and aesthetically.


This is the right time to introduce very subtle, small changes to give the interiors of your home a facelift through creative and inexpensive means – following the principles of minimalism. This is also the time for getting your home painted in soothing colours.


You will enjoy arranging all the items you need and cherish, in the right places in the right order, in attractive containers.

Deep Clean

One-time deep cleaning embellishes all the works you have so far done. You will be happy to get your home cleaned using safe, green technology products, by staff who are great at creating experiences by putting their heart into their work.

How To Book Our Service


You contact us through phone or email.


We arrange for an inspection at your place to listen to your requirements and ideas.


Based on your requirements and needs, we will propose a customized plan of our services. We will also present our
ideas as presentation slides, 3-D drawings etc., along with the budget estimate and time scheduled for the required services.


On receiving your confirmation with an advance, we commence the work and complete it within the committed time frame.


Upon completion, we handover the project to you with a guarantee that you will have complete satisfaction with our work.

The Service Packages We Offer


Essential road map to get you from Decluttering to Minimalism. Steps involved:

  • Decluttering – Declutter belongings by categorizing them under: a) Keep b) Donate/Sell c) Trash and d) Maybe
  • Optimize - Rearrange furniture to enhance functionality, gain more space and aesthetics.
  • Organise -Rearrange all items back in orderly fashion, in right places in attractive containers.
  • PRICE : Starting from Rs 7500/-

Bring order and elegance to your
kitchen –‘the heart of any home’. Steps involved:

  • Declutter all kitchen items under : a) Keep b) Donate/Sell c) Trash and d) Maybe
  • Propose design ideas for better space optimization – Work-triangle concept, grouping of cooking items, etc., for better ease and function.
  • Organise items back in attractive storage containers.
  • Eco friendly cleaning.
  • PRICE : Rs 7,500/-

Finding difficulty in selling your home?
Do you want to rent your property? or
you just want to renovate your home?
We offer comprehensive renovation
services, all under one roof, thereby
increasing the property value, making
the process tension-free !
Steps involved:

  • Inspection of site.
  • Propose design ideas and necessary renovations with budget estimate and time line.
  • Execution at site - Painting, Furnishing, Floor Polishing, False Ceiling, Bathroom Renovation, Decor Styling, Interior Designing.
  • Hand over the site to you on time.

An organised wardrobe can help you
get through a busy morning routine
hassle free.
Steps involved:

  • Decluttering all wardrobe items under: a) Keep b) Donate/Sell c) Trash and d) Maybe
  • Suggest alteration for wardrobe design where ever possible.
  • Re-organise all items, neatly stacked in attractive cloth boxes, wooden hangers, drawers etc., in an orderly fashion
  • PRICE : Rs 6,000/- (Single wardrobe)
    PRICE : Rs 7,500/- (Walk in wardrobe)

Our Sure-fire 5 Step Formula To Get A New, Clutter Free, Elegant, Minimalist Home.
Steps involved:

  1. Decluttering – Declutter belongings by categorizing them under: a) Keep b) Donate/Sell c) Trash and d) Maybe

  2. Optimize & Design - Doing minimal alterations, designing your interiors, to gain more space, enhance aesthetics and functionality to your home.

  3. Organise - Rearrange all items back in orderly fashion, in the right places in attractive containers.

  4. Colour Harmony - Painting service and colour consultancy for your interiors ensuring the walls, furniture, curtains, lighting, etc are in harmony with each other.

  5. Eco-friendly Cleaning - Finish off with deep cleaning services using 100% Eco friendly products keeping your family and Interior surfaces safe.

For Whom

This service is meant for people who are willing to prioritize happiness and healthy relationships over having more stuff. And who are willing to fight against the cultural message that the most important things in life are represented by the stuff you own.

It is for people who understand the value of an uncluttered, hygienic and elegant home to stay laser focused and productive.

A busy ambitious executive looking for a well organised home.
For Home makers who are looking to reduce the amount of cleaning and stress levels.
For those looking to create a work-from-home-office set up.
Small offices and start-ups who like the minimalist, functional look.
Reorganise your kitchen
Reorganise your wardrobe

Why Our Service

We are Pioneers in Chennai for Decluttering & allied services. There is no one else in this space - currently
We offer a range of allied services – decluttering, space optimization, designing, painting, floor polishing, organizing – performed by our own teams.
More than 20 years in the business of delighting our customers, recognized as the best rated company. Do look at our more than 500 reviews on Google if you need proof.
As an organisation we will stand by customers. We promise accountability.
Over the years we have built a team which will take time to listen to your requirements and provide services matching your expectations.
We are transparent. Before starting a work, we inform our customers clearly regarding the process and the expected outcome for the money they pay. Scope of work will be given in writing.
We take every job as an opportunity to provide service mindfully – giving our customers a warm, wow experience rather than just another soulless transaction.
We are strong believers in project management and lay out our schedule of activities with timelines for each. Penalty clauses ensure that customers are not harmed by delays.


Regular temperature checks


We check the temperatures of our staff every morning and also before entering our customers’s place.

Transport in company vehicles


We ensure our staff commute to office and to our customer’s home is only via the company vehicle.

Handy hand washes


Each of our staff members will carry an individual hand wash.

Personal protection equipment


Our staff is protected by the Personal Protection Equipment that includes full gown,face mask and hand gloves.

Sanitized tools and equipments


We disinfect all equipment twice every day, once before leaving to the customer’s place and once after finishing the job.

No service in containment zones


We confirm a service only after ensuring that no one at customer’s place is down with the virus.