Cleaning Service

Why colour coding of cleaning tools is important to ensure hygienic cleaning.

Would you like someone to clean your kitchen with the same mops and clothes used for cleaning toilets?

Using a single mop to clean every place in a house or office can spread bacteria from the bathrooms and toilets to kitchen and the rest of the house. There is a risk inherent in cleaning this way because of the chance of cross contamination and consequently, illness.

At Service Square we ensure that tools we use to clean high-risk areas such as toilets do not enter other parts of the house. In this way, we reduce the spread of germs and bacteria and increase the standard of hygiene which in fact, is the purpose of cleaning.

That is why we use a colour coding system in our cleaning. This is how it works.

Floor Polishing

Red mops and micro fiber cloths are used only in bathrooms and toilets.

Floor Polishing

Yellow micro fiber cloths are used in cleaning mirror, glass partitions etc.

Floor Polishing

Green mops and micro fiber cloths are used only in kitchens.

Floor Polishing

We use blue mops and micro fiber cloths in low risk areas such as bed rooms and halls.

And, cleaning with micro fiber cloths and mops is very efficient. These cloths are made up of super-fine microfibers that have an asterisk-like structure and act like magnets to dirt and dust absorbing debris and bacteria easily. These wonder cloths attach themselves to the tiniest, microscopic dust and dirt particles. And, laboratory tests show that microfibers reduce surface debris and lower bacteria levels by over 96%.