Redesigning Homes

Welcome a change. Redesign your home with us to make it more
functional, refreshing and beautiful.

Many of us are entrenched in habits. The arrangements of furniture in the house, the curtains, the colours on the walls and the frames adorning the walls probably have remained the same for as long as we remember.

There is a very good chance that if we change the outer environment, our inner world might shift to a more empowered mode.

At Service Square we will relish helping you with bringing beauty into your immediate environment – your home.

Before or during the course of cleaning your home, you could take the help of our interior design resource, to help you with making your home look new and very different. We have people who are creative and passionate about designing at Interiors Square, our division dedicated to the Renovation and Designing of your interiors.

How can our Interior designer help you?


Rearrangement of furniture to enhance functionality and aesthetics.


Go minimal. Keep only those things that give you happiness. And discard those that are a simply a burden to your space and mind.


Texture, colour and ideal stitch patterns of curtains to blend with your interiors.


Helping with matching wall colours to make your home more elegant.


Using existing framed pictures in a beautiful way to heighten memories of things that matter to you.


Keeping a few indoor potted plants to breathe life, beauty and freshness into your home.


Giving classy look on a tight budget through use of creative ideas


Providing lighting ideas to give your home the right ambiance.


Helping to choose the right home accessories to enhance function and aesthetics.


Suggesting ideas to get top quality, custom made furniture such as sofas to save on costs.


Getting the best out of small, cramped spaces by using foldable ledges and other innovative arrangements in artistic ways.


Assistance in creatively designing hidden storages to get an uncluttered look.

As you can see, what we offer you is priceless. We promise to make it affordable too.

You can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
That is at one with your life's desire.
Awaken your spirit to adventure.

-John O’ Donohue