Premium Home Cleaning Services

Pamper your home like new, day after day.

In a nutshell:

A lot of investment – financial, physical and emotional – go into the making of a new dream home. But maintaining it like new requires the right cleaning materials in the expert hands of those who know about pampering a home.

What is Home Management service?

Service Square’s pioneering Home Management service is for home owners who treasure their dream homes and are prepared to invest what it takes to maintain it like new.

Service Square will take responsibility to keep the glow of your home alive by:

• Sending the same trained male or female cleaning technician in company uniform to clean all parts of your home six days of the week, either four or eight hours daily.

• The primary duties attended to will be spotlessly cleaning every part of the house.

• A check list of cleaning activities to be performed daily, weekly and monthly will be prepared in consultation with customers.

• Sending a supervisor/manager once every week, or more if the need arises, so there is no gap between customer expectations and our performance.

• We will recommend using only Green (plant & enzyme based) and safe products in the cleaning of homes.

• Service Square will hold itself accountable for maintaining the home spic and span.

Our Tariff

Salary of the staff

Rs.13,000 per month

Management fee

Rs.5,000 per month