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We pick colours matching your personality and give a perfect finish that blends - with curtains, floors, furniture and lighting.

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Our colour harmony consultant will suggest colours that will align with your personality And blend with the colours of the floors, sofas, curtains, furniture and lighting.

After painting, we will deep clean your home – FREE – so your home is spotlessly clean and hygienic.

ss - painting

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Painting starting @ Rs.20,500 (We will redo the service if you are not happy with our work)

The wrong choice of painting contractor can lead to these problems…

Once in a while, our painting division handles calls, requesting us to take over painting works other vendors have left incomplete. The reasons for discontinuation vary. We give a few of them below.

  • Mismatch between standards expected and what is delivered.

  • Poor workmanship and shoddy quality of painting.

  • Leaving work half done, after taking an advance amount.

  • Delays beyond tolerable limits.

  • Disagreements between customer and contractor over processes issues.

  • Lack of communication from the vendor.

Taking over jobs left incomplete by others is not something that anyone would like doing. Inclination to save money – tempted by enticing quotes – would often backfire if the vendors prove to be unreliable.

Here is what our customers would stand to gain by opting for our painting services


Service Square is a company with more than 21 years of experience in building trust. You can rest assured that we are known for sticking to our commitments.


The quality we promise to you is the quality we deliver. Often we deliver more…. 


Timelines committed to you are adhered to by us.


Our clear processes and procedures for doing our painting services will make it a hassle-free experience for you.


You will be constantly kept informed about the status of the work. If you are an NRI, you will be kept informed through photos sent on WhatsApp. 


At Service Square, the emphasis is on delivering value – more than the price paid by you. Our success lies in making you, our customer, win on the price-value equation.


We are known for our Customer service. And, Mathan Kumar who heads our painting division, is known for his dedication and customer focus. Look at the reviews below… 

Why you should give colour psychology super importance while painting your home.

At Service Square, we believe that colour psychology should be an integral part of painting your home. Because the colours we paint on your walls sets the right moods and releases the right energy levels. Here are a few other important reasons why it is essential to pay attention to colour harmony.

  • It pays to choose colours that match your personality. Different colours evoke different emotions and moods. E.g. Yellow denotes warmth, freedom, and being extroverted.

  • The wrong choice of colours add to a feeling of clutter. The right choices have a calming effect because they bring a sense of order.

  • A good expert on colour psychology can make each room unique while also making it fit into the larger theme of the house. 

  • Did you know that colours have the power to change the shape and size of furnishings and even the room itself? For example, white makes a room look bigger and black, smaller.

  • A Minimalist Palette is Service Square’s speciality. Our preference is to use just two or three light colours so as to give your home an expansive, calm look. But we are open to work around customers’ preferences.

Different services offered by our Painting Division

Our painting service professionals help you get the classy finish you want to get with colours that do not clash with different elements in your home. Here are our services which will help showcase your personality and your class.

Interior Painting

An accent textured wall, or the playful creativity in a kids’ room, a kitchen painted with bright and pleasing colors, a hall that creates the right ambiance or elegant and simple bedrooms – are all part of the interiors of your home through which we enable you to reveal your character and style.

Wood Polishing

Polishing wood is a work of art because a skilled wood polishing professional can bring out the majesty of natural wood grains. Well polished wood brings out the elegance of indoor and outdoor spaces. Our team will bring back the lost shine and enhance the value and beauty of your valuable furniture.

Exterior Painting

How can we neglect the exterior of your home, which is really the face of the house? The quality of workmanship and the colours chosen for the exteriors give your home a touch of class and elegance. The exteriors of your home communicate a lot about the personality of the people living inside the building.

Water Proofing

Painting a home before attending to water seepage issues, will end in a waste of your hard-earned money. It is essential not only to protect the interiors of your home but also to strengthen the exteriors. To prevent damage to your assets in your home and to ensure your building is protected from extremes of weather, waterproofing is what you have recourse to. 

Why You Can Book Our Painting Services With Confidence - Our Guaranties

What we do one thing is how we do everything. Whether it is painting your home, polishing your floors or cleaning your home, our values and processes protect you against shoddy work. Excellence and quality is ingrained in us because it is part of our culture at Service Square. Here are more reasons why you can entrust your painting job to us, your eyes shut. 

  • We don’t just paint. We colour your homes with an eye for harmony among various elements in your home. We ensure there is a balance and unity in the overall colour scheme in your home. We have colour consultants with an ability to colour your homes matching your personality.

  • We value your time. So, the commitment we make about the timelines for the completion of painting works is our number one priority. In case of delays, we communicate with you without making them follow up with us.

  • Service Square has a range of other services such as decluttering, interior designing, floor polishing in addition to various cleaning services. You can get all these services under one roof and excellence will be the hallmark of these services.

  • Our painting division has a separate head, who focuses only on painting and interior design related works. He brings to every work, years of experience and expertise in this field.

  • After painting your home, our cleaning technicians will clean every part of your home to ensure we hand over a beautiful, clean home to you.

  • If you are into minimalism, our preferred colour palette would please you. We believe it is more soothing to the eye and mind, when homes are painted in light colours, in soft tones.

  • The floors of your home and your possessions are valuable.While painting, we will ensure they are well covered and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

We first inspect your home to get an idea of the painting work involved. We then give you a quote based on the scope of work. The next step is to decide on the theme and colours you like to use.

At this stage, our suggestion is to involve our colour harmony specialist who will invest time with your family members to get a feel of their interests and personalities.

The colour scheme will be finalized involving family members. Once the colour scheme is finalized, we start painting your home, after getting an advance.

Most people prefer to use Tractor Emulsion to paint their homes. It is not very expensive and does a good job at protecting your walls.

Those who want a more smooth finish, we recommend Premium or Royal Shine paint after applying putty. Once these paints are applied, there is a shiny feel.

Another advantage is that walls painted with these paints can be washed clean.

We do not recommend using distemper paint, nor do we use them for painting.

If it is difficult to find another place, and you are alright with the dust and smell of paint, we have no issues with painting while you stay in your home. Our team will strive their best to minimise inconvenience to you.

We know the pain people experience when painters leave homes with paint marks on floors, furniture, precious belongings etc.

We make it a point to cover floors and furniture with plastic sheets so that paint does not spill on them. What’s more, our cleaning team will do their bit to ensure that your entire home, including toilets and kitchen, is spick n’ clean after the painting is over.

Actually, you get a free deep cleaning which is generally a paid premium service.

We stand guarantee against any type of paint peeling off – provided the walls are not damp due to water seepage.

To ensure there is no gap between what we promise and what we deliver, we put in writing the deliverables and we stick by them.

Fill up the Form, Our team will get in Touch with you


Painting starting @ Rs.20,500 (We will redo the service if you are not happy with our work)

Painting starting @ Rs.20,500

Get Much Higher value Than The Price You Pay

Most of the 680+ reviews that we have on Google are about our customers relating their experience of our service experience – from their heartThey are warm and effusive in their praise – not the mechanical, routine type of common place reviews that are devoid of heart.

Excellence is a habit with us – whatever be the service we provide. So, how we do one thing is how we do everything. We do everything possible to ingrain excellence into our culture. Here are a few samples of what our customers have spoken about our painting services.

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Fill up the Form, Our team will get in Touch with you

Painting starting @ Rs.20,500 ( Don’t think twice. You have the guarantee that in case you are not happy, we redo the service FREE – no questions asked.)

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