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Benefits Of Hiring Professional Mattress Shampoo Cleaning Services

Many activities in your home revolve around the Mattress sets. So, it is natural that it accumulates a lot of dirt, debris and even food particles. Spills and stains give your Mattress a terrible look. The solution is to clean them. Here’s why professionals can help you with this task.

  • Professionals have the right equipment and experience to get the best cleaning.

  • Once you get your Mattress shampoo cleaned, you will not be embarrassed to invite guests home.

  • Accumulation of dust, grime and debris in the pores of Mattress fabric can lead to the presence of allergens, dust mites etc., can cause allergic reactions and illness.

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of your Mattress will prolong their life.

  • Well cleaned Mattress will be bright and colourful and they will add to the elegance of your home.

How We Shampoo Clean Your Mattress

It makes a world of difference to your Mattress when they are cleaned by professionals. Given below is our  process of shampoo cleaning your Mattress. 


We spread a clean plastic sheet under the Mattress so the floors in your home do not get dirty.


Remove all dust particles from the Mattress by dry vacuuming


Apply branded shampoo from Unger, the German Giant in cleaning products and tools.



Gently scrub the Mattress and agitate the dirt particles with a soft brush


Repeat the process if the dirt particles are deeply ingrained.


Rub stained areas gently a few times, using more concentrated shampoo. 


Suck out the dirt particles from the Mattress using high pressure vacuum machines.


In case there is any dirt on the floors of your home on account of our cleaning, we make sure they are cleaned well.


Allow the Mattress to dry under direct sunlight – preferably – or under the fan for about 8 hours.


Your Mattress gets back its brightness and is ready for use. 

What We Can Bring To Life And Make Bright By Shampoo Cleaning

Fabric Mattress

The process outlined above is how we make your fabric Mattress bright and colourful again. Our Mattress cleaning specialists are able to remove all dirt and make your Mattress bright and colourful again.

Office Chairs, Dining Chairs etc., made of fabric

The process we follow in cleaning office chairs and dining chairs made of fabric is almost the same as what we follow in the case of Mattress.

Leather Mattress

Ofcourse, we cannot clean leather Mattress using shampoo and water. There are specific cleaning products that we apply on leather Mattress after all dirt – including from its crevices – are fully removed.

After the leather Mattress are cleaned of all dust, a special cleaning & polishing product is applied on the Mattress, and wiped vigorously with microfiber cloth to get a shiny look.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

Carpet cleaning follows almost the same process as is done for Mattress made of fabric – especially in the case of smaller carpets.

When it comes to cleaning carpets laid in a bigger area, we use a single disc machine with a hard brush to agitate the dirt particles and make them loose. Then the impurities are sucked out using a high power vacuum machine. 

What We Do To Ensure Our Customers Get Value For Money With Our Mattress Cleaning

  • We first get pictures of the Mattress to be cleaned to understand the clear scope of work and the cost involved.

  • We have an amazing team of cleaning technicians. We know their happiness at work is crucial to make customers smile. We treat them with respect and give them the best pay in the city.

  • In case there is any deficiency in the cleaning work and our customer is not happy, we send our staff to redo the service - FREE.

  • Our commitment to redo services if customers are not satisfied keeps our technicians on the edge. They know the consequence of every rework.

  • We instil the values of the company, particularly - create beauty, service with a heart and value creation - very seriously. So, it is ingrained in them to go for excellence in their work.

  • We send only trained Mattress cleaning technicians for cleaning Mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Though some water is used along with shampoo foam to clean sofas made of fabric, using excess water can cause unpleasant odours and even result in the growth of bacteria or mold. Our sofa cleaning technicians know the art of applying shampoo without adding too much water.

Though our sofa cleaning technicians will remove all exterior dirt and grime from sofas, it may not be possible for them to turn the clock back on the natural discolouration that happens with time. The sofas will be much cleaner and brighter than before cleaning.

Our sofa cleaning technicians will use a big enough plastic sheet under the sofas to ensure there is no spillage of water onto the floors. Even if there is, our staff will ensure that they are cleaned at the end of sofa cleaning.

We use a shampoo manufactured by Unger, the German leader in the business of cleaning tools, in association with Soro Global, the big French brand in the field of cleaning products. This product is environment friendly and is very effective in cleaning sofas.

Fill up the Form, Our team will get in Touch with you


(We will redo the service if you are not happy with our work)

Get Much Higher Value Than The Price You Pay

Most of the 630+ reviews that we have on Google are about our customers relating from their heart their experience – of the cleaning experience.

They are warm and effusive in their praise – not the mechanical, routine type of reviews that are devoid of heart.

In reciprocation, we make it a point to acknowledge each review in a unique way, individually. Here are a few samples.

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Fill up the Form, Our team will get in Touch with you


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