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We will attend to minor and major cleaning needs in the kitchen

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Kitchen cleaning service starting from Rs.1750  (We will redo the service if you are not happy with our work)

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12 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs Cleaning Services - With A Heart

What You Will Get With The Wrong Choice Service With A Heart
Transactional services or services rendered as an exchange for money received.
We create experiences through our kitchen cleaning. Service with a heart is our tagline.
Not paying attention to minute details, like dark stains on switches, grease on exhaust fans, the yellow of turmeric on modular drawers…..
It’s a labour of love where every part of the kitchen is cleaned, particularly the sticky oil all over the place.
The use of harmful cleaning materials, like acid. Though they clean fast, they are dangerous for people and surfaces where they are applied.
Safe, Environment-friendly cleaning products are used. We don’t use acids - to protect people and kitchen surfaces.
Use of multi-purpose cleaning materials for all purposes.
At Service Square, different cleaning materials are used in the kitchen floors, taps, glasses, exhaust fans, etc.
Use of the same cleaning cloths and mops throughout your home, inviting cross-contamination.
We practice colour coding. Only clean, colour coded green cloths along with green dry and wet mops are used in kitchens.
Having to pay up in advance and then pray for the best to happen.
Payment after you are satisfied with the service.
Cleaning-staff landing up for kitchen cleaning without having understood specific cleaning requirements.
We evaluate the condition of kitchens through photos/videos first and only then give our quote.
Dealing with cleaning teams who are in a rush – to clean as fast as possible, to maximise their profit.
For us, quality comes before quantity. Kitchen cleaning requires a lot of time and patience.
Use of cheap inefficient tools.
We use the world's best tools from German brand Unger®️.
A lot of arguments and fights for getting rework done in case of poor work.
Not satisfied? Call us for a rework within 24 hours and we will get it done.
Choosing a kitchen cleaning service on the basis of low charges, only to regret later.
Charges for top-notch quality service. We will strain every nerve to provide higher value for the money you pay.
Outsourced cleaning staff.
Only company staff in uniforms are sent to your place.

Choose The Kitchen Cleaning Package You Want And Leave It To Our Team To Make Your Kitchen Shine.

We have two different packages for cleaning kitchens. Our customers can pick the type of service they want.

1. Kitchen Premium Cleaning

The Premium kitchen cleaning package entails the thorough cleaning of the entire kitchen – both inside and outside cupboards, kitchen drawers etc. Our cleaning technicians will remove all items from closed cupboards and other units, clean inside minutely and put the removed items after cleaning them.

With the Kitchen Premium Cleaning package, there is no part of the kitchen which is left uncleaned. In simple terms, this package includes everything mentioned in kitchen deep cleaning + cleaning inside cupboards, cabinets etc.

2. Kitchen Deep Cleaning

The kitchen deep cleaning service ensures the entire kitchen is thoroughly cleaned from outside. Exhaust fans, kitchen sink, windows, oily kitchen counters, home appliances, fridge and even dark stains on electrical switches are all cleaned with care and attention to detail. 

Our Simple System That Will Delight You About Our Kitchen Cleaning


We make an assessment of the condition of the kitchen through clear photos or videos. This helps us decide the scope of work, the cleaning staff to be assigned and the right materials to be sent.


We send only trained cleaning technicians for cleaning kitchens. And we invest a lot of time, money and energy to train our staff


Our commitment to redo services if customers are not satisfied keeps our technicians alert. They know the consequence of the heavy cost involved in every re-work.


We instil the values of the company, particularly – create beauty, service with a heart and value creation – very seriously. So, it is ingrained in them to go for excellence in their work.


We have an amazing team of cleaning technicians. We know their happiness at work is crucial to make customers smile. We treat them with respect and give them the best pay in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we clean inside your kitchen cupboards, modular drawers, shelves etc., when you opt for our Premium Kitchen Cleaning. In this package, every part of the kitchen – both inside and out side cupboards, drawers etc – are cleaned. As it takes a lot more time to clean, the Premium Kitchen Cleaning package is more expensive.

No, we do not clean dishes. This is not one of our competencies.

In most other cases, our teams are very successful at bringing back the colour and brightness of the floor and wall tiles.

Yes, we clean the exhaust fan and the kitchen chimney thoroughly. However, we do not clean inside chimneys or clean their filters unless it has a very simple system to pull out and put back the filters.

We have very effective, environment-friendly cleaning materials to remove grease and oily stuff from kitchen surfaces, including windows. Our staff are good at removing oil stains.

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Kitchen cleaning service starting from Rs.1750 (We will redo the service if you are not happy with our work)

Kitchen cleaning service starting from Rs.1750

Get Much Higher Value Than The Price You Pay

Most of the 680+ reviews that we have on Google are about our customers relating from their heart their experience – of the cleaning experience.

They are warm and effusive in their praise – not the mechanical, routine type of reviews that are devoid of heart.

In reciprocation, we make it a point to acknowledge each review in a unique way, individually. Here are a few samples.

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Service square review 115
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Book our services without thinking twice

Fill up the Form, Our team will get in Touch with you


Kitchen cleaning service starting from Rs.1750   ( Don’t think twice. You have the guarantee that in case you are not happy, we redo the service FREE – no questions asked.)

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