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Deep Home cleaning

Our expert home cleaning technicians will deep clean every part of your home, using eco-friendly materials.

We use colour coded microfiber cloths and mops to prevent cross-contamination.

Deep Home cleaning

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Home cleaning services starting at Rs.4000 (We will redo the service if you are not happy with our work)

10 Reasons Choosing The Wrong Home Cleaning Services Can Give You A Headache

Some Headaches To Avoid Service Square Way
Having to deal with cleaning technicians who are not skilled in their craft
Only skilled technicians are sent
Concern about the use of harmful cleaning materials, particularly acid.
Safe, Environment-friendly cleaning products are used.
Use of the same cleaning cloths and mops throughout your home, inviting cross-contamination.
Clean, Colour coded cloths and mops are used. Red & Yellow in Toilets, Green in kitchen, Blue in hall & bedrooms.
Having to pay up in advance and then pray for the best to happen.
Payment after service
Cleaning staff landing up for work without having understood specific customer requirements.
We inspect premises before work. Or evaluate through photos/videos
Dealing with cleaning technicians who are in a rush – to maximise profit.
For us, quality comes before quantity
Use of cheap inefficient tools
We use tools from Unger, a German world leader in this segment.
Transactional services
We create experiences through Services with a heart.
Getting rework done in case of poor work is a big pain
Not satisfied? Call us for a rework.
Outsourced cleaning staff
Only company staff in uniforms
Use of multi-purpose cleaning materials for all purposes.
At Service Square, different cleaning materials are used in the kitchen, floors, taps, descaling, glasses, commodes etc.

Customers Have Varied Cleaning Needs. That is Why We Have Different Home Cleaning Packages.

We know it is foolish to offer customers cleaning packages just because it suits our capabilities. Our approach is to let customers decide what type of cleaning package they want from us.

Some customers want thorough cleaning including cleaning inside cupboards, cabinets, book-shelves etc.

Some others are content with a deep cleaning package in which the entire home is cleaned, without cleaning inside cupboards, shelves etc.

Our cleaning packages have been arrived at after studying the pattern of services availed by customers over several years. They are given below.

Deep Cleaning

This is the most popular home cleaning package. In this, we clean all parts of the house – without cleaning inside closed shelves, cabinets etc.

Premium Cleaning

Premium cleaning is availed by customers who want to take cleaning to another level. They are satisfied only when the entire home is cleaned, including inside closed units like shelves, cabinets, kitchen cabinets and drawers.

With this package, our staff remove all items from inside various units, clean them thoroughly and put them back.

Introducing Decluttering Services

With our newly introduced decluttering services, cleaning is viewed from another dimension.
Most homes have stuff that has not been used for years. Yet, they are given pride of place in the home, giving a cluttered look to the entire home. We believe that by removing unnecessary clutter, it is easier to clean your home. And it remains clean a lot longer.

 More importantly, by removing clutter, you also remove a big element that causes stress. The greatest benefit of decluttering is, you maximise life by focusing on the most important things in life. Decluttering saves you time and money – putting you in touch with the present moment.

We offer decluttering services with well thought out processes.

Customised Services

Some customers call us only for cleaning parts of their home, e.g. all their windows, fans, mopping their floors etc. Based on customer requirements we offer cleaning services – provided it is viable for us economically.

Our Typical 6-Steps Home Cleaning Proposal That Gives You Clarity and Peace of Mind

(This lets you know that we have understood your needs and are on the same page).

1. Your Story About Why You Wish To Clean Your Home.

(Because everyone has a different story or reason for cleaning)

2. Any specific instructions you have for us.

(Your needs are unique and you don’t like one-size-fits-all services)

3. Scope of work

(We give in black & white what we provide and what we don’t)

4. Our Guarantee

(Just to make sure customers know what they are entitled to get from us)

5. Execution of the cleaning work.

(Details of cleaning technicians deployed, what they will bring, and time taken to clean etc.).

6. Our quote

(What you will pay for the value we give).

And, Here’s A Home Cleaning Sample Proposal That Shows True Care


Frequently Asked Questions

Inspection helps us understand specific cleaning requirements of customers. Secondly, it helps us evaluate the condition of the place to be cleaned.

On completion of the deep cleaning service, please go through every part of the house and inform our cleaning technicians in case any work is left undone. In case you notice any unfinished work after our team has left, call us the next day, and we will send our staff to redo the service.

The volume of Google reviews (about 680+ raving reviews ) is a sound indication. No other company – other than consolidators – comes anywhere close. Independent rating agencies like ThreeBestRated agree with this assessment. Secondly, the processes, cleaning tools, materials and the people doing the work are the best in Chennai.

Cross- contamination is a serious threat when the entire home is cleaned using the same mop and cleaning clothes. Green mop and microfibre cloth are used in the kitchen alone, Red and yellow in toilets and blue in hall and bedrooms. With this practice, we clean the bacteria, germs etc., instead of spreading them from one area to another.

Fill up the Form, Our team will get in Touch with you


Home cleaning services starting at Rs.4000 (We will redo the service if you are not happy with our work)

Home Cleaning Starting At Rs.4000

Get Much Higher Value Than The Price You Pay

Most of the 680+ reviews that we have on Google are about our customers relating from their heart their experience – of the cleaning experience.

They are warm and effusive in their praise – not the mechanical, routine type of reviews that are devoid of heart.

In reciprocation, we make it a point to acknowledge each review in a unique way, individually. Here are a few samples.

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Home cleaning services starting at Rs.4000 ( Don’t think twice. You have the guarantee that in case you are not happy, we redo the service FREE – no questions asked.)

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