Ideas to use the space in your home optimally

September 27, 2020   |   Our services

Ideas to use the space in your home optimally

Not every space is born perfect. However, you will be surprised to know how small changes in your spaces will give tremendous comfort to your lifestyle in your home. Here we at Interior Square share with you a few ideas you can adapt.



Living rooms are all about company and togetherness. The space should be warm and welcoming for your guests and after a hard day’s work.

Furniture shouldn’t just look good or expensive; it should look clean and welcoming. The size of your furniture should be in proportion to the size living room. Often many people end up buying large sofa that occupies more space and has extra unnecessary space. Hence, keep this in mind next time you redo your interior.

Have a good TV Unit to store your remote, DVDs magazines etc. Keep only magazines that you often read that week, rest should go inside the bedroom or shelf.
  If you enjoy collecting a lot of Knick Knacks, be happy to expose them. Any item like a glass jar filled with Knick Knacks can be very appealing in a room.


The kitchen is the heart of any home, it is also a very hot place to be in, especially Indian kitchens. Planning and organizing a kitchen is very important part of designing. Here are simple skills from Decluttering and Minimalism you can adapt.

Keep items that you only like. In other words any item you have and work with in your kitchen should spark joy! Ditch the rest you don't need.

Have nothing or very minimum items on the counter tops. Organise all items in shelves or cabinets, find a home for every item and treat them with respect. A well organized kitchen will look more spacious than you can imagine!

Kitchens tend to have a bunch of tiny things that take up space and don't really fit together. The best thing we can advise, especially for drawers, is to use them to their maximum potential. Keep things categorized, so they aren't just in a messy pile in a drawer. Group similar items together, for example, if you are a coffee person every morning, store the beans, grinder, cups and measuring scoop together, ideally close to the machine.

Store your cooking books preferably away from cooking area. Refer them and put them back when you are done.


After a long days work, the one place in the world that everyone would want to crash is the bedroom. Everyone loves a nice comfy spacious bedroom.  

The first thing to keep in mind is the colour theme for your room. Some people like it light and warm theme, some like it dark and sophisticated. Ask yourself which colour theme sparks joy in you and design accordingly.

Bed occupies the most space in a bedroom. Hence again keep in mind to buy furniture that are in proportion to the size of your room. We also highly recommend you having bed side tables for storage.

Have a well designed wardrobe on one side of the bedroom wall. This creates clean space for circulation in the bedroom. If there is enough space, having a well designed walk in wardrobe will do you so much good.

Go DIGITAL! Try to save up paper and store your bills or notes in your drive. This avoids bits of paper lying in your bedroom draws and your home.


A Walk-In Wardrobe is ideal if space permits. It hides all your clothing, jewellery, etc., in a safe spot. If not, a neat wardrobe on one side of your bedroom wall is ideal too.

 Tip : Arrange your light cloths folded and vertically stacked in a drawer and hang the heavy cloths. This avoids cloths to be dumped and easier to take out. Sub-divide each drawer for each category top wear, bottom, formals, etc. Travel bags & rare items can go to top loft.


It is important to separate the wet and dry areas in a washroom at the planning stage. The flooring should be little rough for leg grip and wall tiles smooth. Vastu is also to be considered in placing fixtures.

Everyone loves to try new products and a lot of bottles can end up near your basin or storage as clutter. Tip here is to have minimal storage and buy bottle dispensers specifically for shampoo, conditioner etc, and not add up labelled bottles. This way you will cut short of your buying and save space. The labels  also  won’t  be a distraction for minimalistic interior.


We at INTERIOR SQUARE guide our clients in making efficient interior spaces. We offer the following services:

•Decluttering •Space optimization •Design Elements •Colour harmony •Cleaning services.

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