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You need specialists to clean the bathroom because they are the toughest places to clean in a home.

Our Bathroom cleaning technicians will remove tough scales from your Bathroom using:

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Bathroom cleaning starting @ Rs.650 (We will redo the service if you are not happy with our work)

11 Reasons You Will Feel Happy About Choosing The Right Bathroom Cleaning Service.

Some Headaches To Avoid Service Square Way
Having to deal with labourers who are not skilled in cleaning Bathroom - specially where scale formation is heavy.
Only skilled technicians are sent for cleaning Bathroom.
The use of harmful cleaning materials, particularly acid. They are dangerous for people and damage surfaces where they are applied.
Safe, Environment-friendly cleaning products are used. We don’t use acids - to protect people and Bathroom surfaces.
Use of multi-purpose cleaning materials for all purposes.
At Service Square, different cleaning materials are used in the kitchen, floors, taps, descaling, glasses, commodes etc.
Use of the same cleaning cloths and mops throughout your home, inviting cross-contamination.
We practice colour coding. Only clean, colour coded red and yellow cloths are used in Bathroom.
Having to pay up in advance and then pray for the best to happen.
Payment after you are satisfied with the service.
Cleaning staff landing up for Bathroom cleaning without having understood specific cleaning requirements.
We evaluate the condition of Bathroom through photos/videos first and only then give our quote.
Dealing with cleaning labourers who are in a rush – to clean as many Bathroom as possible, in a day.
For us, quality comes before quantity. Bathroom cleaning requires a lot of time and patience.
Use of cheap inefficient tools.
We use the world's best tools from German brand Unger®️.
Transactional services
We create experiences through our Bathroom cleaning. Services with a heart is our tagline.
A lot of arguments and fights for getting rework done in case of poor work.
Not satisfied? Call us for a rework within 24 hours and we will get it done.
Outsourced cleaning staff.
Only company staff in uniforms are sent to your place.
Choosing a Bathroom cleaning service on the basis of low charges, only to regret later.
Charges for top-notch quality service. We will strain every nerve to provide higher value for the money you pay.

We Have Different Cleaning Packages For Different Bathroom Conditions Because Not All Bathrooms Are The Same.

Bathroom deep cleaning

The first type of Bathroom has very little scale formation and can be cleaned without spending too much time and cleaning materials.

Premium Bathroom cleaning

Our Premium Bathroom cleaning applies to Washrooms with glass partitions. Glass partitions need special attention and cleaning materials. This is also a laborious process, though not as tough as Bathroom descaling. 

Bathroom descaling

Bathroom descaling is required when Bathroom have months and at times years of scale accumulation. Such conditions are caused by ignoring the scale formation for very, very long.

To make things more complicated, many areas in Chennai have hard water, often with saline content 

Removing scales require specially formulated cleaning materials.

Descaling of Bathroom requires special skills and a lot of patience from the part of Bathroom cleaning specialists.

Where there are extra-thick scale formations, the only solution is to chip away at the thick scales.

Our Simple System That Helps Our Cleaning Staff Get 5 Star Rating - Almost Always


We like to inspect the Bathroom to be cleaned. If inspection is not possible, we make an assessment of the condition of the Washroom through clear photos or videos


We decide the scope of work assessing  the  photos/videos received, based on which we send suitable cleaning materials and tools to clean the Bathroom. 


We send only trained cleaning technicians for cleaning Bathroom. And we invest a lot of time, money and energy to train our staff.


Our commitment to redo services if customers are not satisfied keeps our technicians on the edge. They know the consequence of the heavy cost involved in every re-work.


We instil the values of the company, particularly – create beauty, service with a heart and value creation – very seriously. So, it is ingrained in them to go for excellence in their work.


We have an amazing team of cleaning technicians. We know their happiness at work is crucial to make customers smile. We treat them with respect and give them the best pay in the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will appreciate that quoting the price for Bathroom cleaning should be based on the condition of the Bathroom and the quantum of work involved.

The cleaning materials used by us also depend on the type of Bathroom and the severity of scales, dirt etc.

Getting to know the condition of the Bathroom through photos helps us do a good job and serve your interests in the best way possible. So, we never make an exception to this time-tested practice – except in the case of our Annual Maintenance Customers.

Though our cleaning technicians are exceptionally good at cleaning Bathroom, we cannot guarantee to bring back the pristine condition of Bathroom that have been violently and mercilessly treated with acid and the like.

In most other cases, our teams are very successful at bringing back the colour and brightness of the floor and wall tiles.

We have tried our best to make our charges for Bathroom cleaning more pocket friendly for our customers.

What stands in the way of doing that is, we use expensive cleaning materials and tools. More importantly, our staff take considerably longer to clean your Bathroom – to get the best results.

Because of these factors, most customers discover at the end that they gain a higher value than the price they pay, when they use our Bathroom cleaning services.

Fill up the Form, Our team will get in Touch with you


Bathroom cleaning starting @ Rs.650 (We will redo the service if you are not happy with our work)

Bathroom cleaning starting @ Rs.650

Get Much Higher Value Than The Price You Pay

Most of the 680+ reviews that we have on Google are about our customers relating from their heart their experience – of the cleaning experience.

They are warm and effusive in their praise – not the mechanical, routine type of reviews that are devoid of heart.

In reciprocation, we make it a point to acknowledge each review in a unique way, individually. Here are a few samples

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Bathroom cleaning starting @ Rs.650  ( Don’t think twice. You have the guarantee that in case you are not happy, we redo the service FREE – no questions asked.)

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