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Moving out of our comfort zone and taking up toilet cleaning near Kancheepuram

Moving out of our comfort zone and taking up toilet cleaning near Kancheepuram

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The danger for any company like Service Square, is moving around in our usual groove and doing the same things we are used to. If we are lucky, in some blessed moments we wake up and realize that operating within the same groove is the surest route to stagnation and then, atrophy.

We woke up to such a blessed realization recently when an opportunity came our way to do toilet cleaning services in a factory near Kancheepuram. There were about 20 toilets and 20 urinals apart from 15 wash basins which the HR head of Indo Tech Transformers Ltd., wanted us to clean.

After a brief initial reluctance considering the factory is about 65 km from our office, we said yes to the opportunity.

Yesterday, we hired a big sized cab and it took more than two hours and a half to reach the factory. By 7 pm our team had completed the toilet cleaning at the factory.

We are very fortunate to have an extremely good and co-operative team for our housekeeping services. They jell very well as a team and almost always enhance our reputation as a reliable service provider for housekeeping services in Chennai.

The feedback review about our toilet cleaning service we got from the HR head of Indo Tech Transformers Ltd., make us feel taller by a few good inches. Here it is:

“I am the HR head of a manufacturing unit near Kanchipuram. The workers toilet was so bad. All the white porcelain urinals, toilets and wash basins had turned yellow and brown. I had called several toilet cleaning companies and they promised to come on some date; but no one came. They were all complaining like the workers have not turned up … the vehicle is not ready …. Your company is far off from Chennai and all sort of excuses. I fixed up Service Square and they fixed up the date immediately. I was expecting some rag tag workers poorly dressed without ESI etc. but 7 workers came along with one supervisor all wearing the Service Square uniform T shirts, well trained, well disciplined. They did not waste any time .. work started and de-scaling of about 14 Washbasins, 20 Urinals, 11 Western Toilets & 8 Indian Toilets was over in a jiffy within one day and all look spotlessly clean .. sparkling white. Hats off to the team. I strongly recommend you to use their services if you too have a smelling toilet which you want to bring back to factory settings !!!”

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HR Head, Indo Tech Transformers Ltd

Perhaps it is serendipitous, but another enquiry to do full deep cleaning service of a bungalow in Yelagiri has just come our way. We have said yes to this opportunity too. We will be sending our team to Yelagiri early next week. The client, an N.R.I lady, is paying us good money for the service. Quality of service is what she is really focused on.

Saying ‘yes’ to opportunities is in effect saying ‘YES’ to life and business growth – like these lines from the beautiful poem, For a New Beginning by John O’ Donohue hints.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.

Being in any business in earnest is about being open to adventure and risk, having understood the implications of the seductions of safety.

Next week, we will remember to come back to this blog - to tell about the story of delighting our client in Yelagiri.