Service Square

We just love our logo
It signifies the smile of our staff inside and that of our customers outside the square.
It was therefore natural, when we decided to revisit and revise our Mission we lived with for more than 16 years, we came up with a statement that enhanced the meaning of our logo.
"To see the smile on the faces of our customers in flat associations, homes and office complexes as we transform their living spaces into orderly, inspiring and beautiful places."
This Mission Statement resonates with us. This represents our DNA.
Images Service Square has reached a time and space when it cannot rest in the sanctuary of comfort. We feel impelled to stretch out and test exciting challenges - like making living spaces beautiful - in all our work.
This challenge means using our creativity to discover and create beauty even in some of the most ordinary, mundane works we do.
For example, we uncover the beauty hidden behind dust and grime, through our deep cleaning services. This in turn is made possible by adherence to our processes combined with the heartful rendering of services by our professionals. It might mean changing the linen on the beds or rearranging books on the shelves.
In the case of home renovation service, making a home beautiful may mean getting the advice of top experts concerning the use of colours in the house or adding art decors that enhance beauty and elegance. Or, introducing some natural plants, for that matter.
Making living spaces beautiful - is a path we have deliberately chosen. As we embark on this journey, there is going to be a lot of learning and unlearning and our team will be happy, in challenging limits.
In the end, we know we will see the smile on the faces of our customers - every time.