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We are offering a special discount of 10% on floor polishing services during January, 2019

Wear and tear takes its toll on all types of floors and they become dull, dirty and get a brownish tinge. All the money spent on expensive floors seems pointless or even a waste. Floor polishing can help you regain its brightness and shine.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional to clean or polish your floor.

  • Prevent Damage
  • Increase Property Value
  • More light and brightness with simple lighting
  • To add the real sparkle to your home or office

How Service Square can make a difference

We at Service Square have our own teams for polishing your floors and making them look brand new. We polish them so well so as to transform your floors with a mirror-like sheen. The polishing materials used by us are the best in the market to ensure that no compromise is made as we go about the floor polishing job.

Here are a few feedbacks from customers who have been impressed with our floor polishing service.

  • Very good service. Polite workers and dedicated work done by your staff. I am extremely happy with the floor polishing service. Mr.Vankat Suresh, Kottivakkam
  • Excellent workmanship. They did a real professional service. Sumana, Alwarpet.

What we polish

From tough granite to soft limestone, we are able to clean, polish, remove stains, grind, and even repair minor damages. The services rendered include polishing marble floors, stone floors and mosaic floors.

The Process involved in the polishing is given below.

  • Prepare the floor for flattening or leveling the floor, while also removing deep scratches and stains.
  • Hone the floor. Honing is smoothening the marble floor with industrial diamonds, which brings up more shine to the marble.
  • Floors are polished using different colours ( black, green, blue, red, tan, white, etc….) of pads. These pads serve different functions and purposes in the process of making floors smooth and shiny. The more the different types or colours of pads are used, the shinier the floors become. (But, it also takes more time money).
  • Crystallize the floor. Crystallization is a method of floor finishing. It brings “mirror like” shine by chemical application on the surface of the floor.
  • Crystallization also creates a coating of micro film on the surface of the floor, and helps preserve its color and the brightness.

General charges for floor cleaning and polishing marble floor

  • Marble floor: Removing the stains, machine cleaning and polishing: Rs.15.00 per sq ft onwards. (Minimum-500 sqft)
  • Marble floor grinding and vision star high gloss polishing and complete cleaning: (Minimum-500 sq ft) : Rs.20/- per sq ft onwards.

Tiles floor

  • Removing stains and complete general cleaning by machine scrubbing: Rs.5.00 per sqft (Minimum-800 sq ft onwards.). When scrubbing is done while during house cleaning, the cost will be lesser.

Mosaic floor

  • Mosaic floor cleaning and removing stains: Rs.8.00 per sq ft onwards.
  • Mosaic floor grinding and removing the stains with proper polishing: Rs.12 to 15/-per sq ft onwards, minimum-500 sq ft

* GST @ 18% extra.

Out of city transportation charges extra, depending on the distance.

As mentioned above, we are offering a special discount of 10% on floor polishing services during January, 2019.

In case you want more assurance about our service, please call us today for a Demo - at Rs.1500 including transportation. If you choose to take our floor polishing service the demo charges will be adjusted against the invoiced amount.

Please contact on 044-2225 3331 or call Mary on 86809 95555 or mail for more details.

Please visit to get a taste of the things we offer.

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  • In case of mistakes made by us in interior decoration or renovation service, we will redo the relevant work, free of cost.
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