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Spring Cleaning Services for Homes & Offices


We clean and make your home or office look fresh. If you are not happy, we redo the work free.
Avail Minimum Rs.500 OFF on One-time Deep Cleaning Services till August 15, 2018

Spring cleaning is a one-time thorough cleaning of your home. Every nook and corner of your home will be cleaned. As our tagline says, we are known for providing service with a heart.

That probably explains why more than 120 customers were moved enough to review our services and give a star rating of 4.3 on google.

Service Square is recognized as the number one company in Chennai in this business. 

Given below are a few sample testimonials about our services received a month back.

“I am the HR head of a manufacturing unit near Kanchipuram. The workers toilet was so bad. All the white porcelain urinals, toilets and wash basins had turned yellow and brown. I fixed up Service Square and they fixed up the date immediately. I was expecting some rag tag workers poorly dressed without ESI etc. but 7 workers came along with one supervisor all wearing the Service Square uniform T shirts, well trained, well disciplined. They did not waste any time .. work started and de-scaling of about 14 Washbasins, 20 Urinals, 11 Western Toilets & 8 Indian Toilets was over in a jiffy within one day and all look spotlessly clean .. sparkling white. Hats off to the team. I strongly recommend you to use their services if you too have a smelling toilet which you want to bring back to factory settings !!!”

- Frederick, HR Head

Sir (The Consulate General) is quite impressed and he said that the deep cleaning was perfect and very clean. The staff also were very careful and responsible.  He will henceforth avail cleaning service from your company and recommend to others also. The price was very nominal he said.

- Lavanya.C, Officer at Thai Consulate

You have a very dedicated and energetic team for the job. Very much impressed and satisfied. Keep up the quality.


we are offering a discount of minimum Rs.500 on spring cleaning services, valid till August 31, 2018.

This service will help remove some of your headaches and leave your home looking at their sparkling best. And you will be left with more time to employ at productive work or to enjoy.

We Guarantee!!

  • 1. In the event of a customer being dissatisfied with housekeeping service, we will send our people again to redo the work, free of cost.
  • 2. Housekeeping staff will be in our company uniforms
  • 3. We use only quality materials in all our services.

The process involved in undertaking House Keeping Service is as follows:

Visiting the client’s place or speaking over phone for understanding the work involved.
Informing the customer about the scope of work and work schedule.
Doing the work
Taking feedback from customer pertaining to the work

Given below are the services performed.

Team: Two or three members (in company uniform). Sometimes more people may be sent, depending on the requirement.

Bed Rooms Hall & Dining
  • Cleaning lofts doors outside
  • Rack cleaning (outside)
  • All fans & Tube light cleaning
  • Vacuuming beds & furniture
  • All Windows, grills, blinds& glass panes
  • Cleaning doors
  • Cleaning cobwebs
  • Dustbin cleaning.
  • All racks cleaning (Outside)
  • All furniture Vacuum & dusting
  • All fans & tube lights cleaning
  • All windows, blinds, grill & glass cleaning.
  • Dusting T.V & DVD & music systems outside
  • Dining table & chairs cleaning.
  • Computer & telephone dusting.
  • Cleaning doors.
  • Removing cobwebs.
  • Dustbin Cleaning
  • Floor sweeping & moping of all rooms.
Kitchen: Toilet:
  • All Loft Cleaning (Outside)
  • All Provision racks cleaning
  • All Modular kitchen rock cleaning
  • All fans & tube lights cleaning
  • Exhaust fan cleaning
  • All Tiles of wash basin top cleaning
  • Kitchen granite stone slabs cleaning.
  • All window, grill & glass cleaning
  • All Cobwebs cleaning
  • Doors cleaning.
  • Cleaning of toilet floor and wall tile
  • Removing stains in the commode
  • Cleaning of wash basin.
  • Polishing the toilet fittings

Budget Cleaning & Premium Cleaning of homes & offices

Keeping in mind the
  • Budget constraints of some customers and
  • Very minute cleaning requirements of some others,
Service Square is now offering:
  • Economy Cleaning Package
  • Premium Cleaning Package

Economy Cleaning Package

Our Economy cleaning package is suitable for those who are fine with a few small compromises on the extent and depth of cleaning, thereby making the cleaning more pocket friendly. Essential cleaning of the house, however, is paid attention to. The cleaning of kitchen and toilets processes in particular are almost the same in Deep and Economy packages.

Premium Deep Cleaning services

With our Premium one time deep cleaning services, we take our spring cleaning services several notches higher. While in our regular deep cleaning services we scrupulously clean every part of your home from the outside, when it comes to deep cleaning of homes, we clean thoroughly inside your cupboards, cabinets, modular kitchen drawers, refrigerator etc. So, when we are done with our Premium deep cleaning service, your entire home, including the usually untouched deep crevices are made to look fresh and beautiful - and the freshness seeps into you, too. 

AMC Packages for House Cleaning, Toilet Cleaning and Kitchen Cleaning

The saving on AMC Packages for the above is very attractive. Please contact Service Square executives.

More details about our services are available in our website

Please contact: 044-2225 3555, 2225 3331 or mail will respond to you immediately.

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Service Square Guarantee


  • In case of mistakes made by us in interior decoration or renovation service, we will redo the relevant work, free of cost.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced designers will invest time with you to give you designs which are elegant, simple and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Timely completion of jobs entrusted to us.
  • In case you do not live in Chennai, weekly reports showing the status of jobs entrusted to us, with photos.
  • Transparency in all our dealings. Everything we do will be documented and shared with you.
  • Commitment to stick to the quality assured by us, including the materials used at work.

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