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We transform your toilets from Messy to Great places using Green products.

Enjoy 10% Off on service charges only till March 31, 2019

The way restrooms in a house or office are maintained generally indicates the overall cleanliness of the household or office. This is the one place in a house which needs to be maintained spotlessly clean.

But the fact is, the saline content in water in many places in Chennai compounded by paucity of time make rest rooms very messy places. Dark stains, thick scales on walls and rest room floors are common sights.

Service Square has its own uniformed and reliable staff to help you with your restroom cleaning. And, our charges are very reasonable.

Only during the month of March 2019, Service Square is offering 10% Discount on rest room cleaning services.

What’s more, we have transitioned to using Plant and Enzyme based products in cleaning your toilets.

Here is what Service Square staff will do when cleaning your toilets.

  • Cleaning the commode.
  • Washing the entire toilet using green products .
  • Special cleaning with hard surface cleaner and disinfectants.
  • Scrubbing and cleaning the floor & wall tiles.
  • Cleaning wash basins, toilet window, door, mirror, soap stand.
  • Cleaning and polishing of taps, shower etc.
  • Cleaning the light fittings inside the toilet.
  • Removing the blockages in shower heads.

The cleaning products used are Stainless steel cleaner, Hard surface floor cleaner, Bowl cleaner, Washbasin cleaner and Glass cleaner.

De-scaling of Toilets

Descaling is necessary to remove the hard deposits formed by chemicals in water, soap etc on restroom wall tiles and floors. Cleaning the restrooms in such cases takes at least twice or thrice as long.

The ingredients and methods of cleaning is very different in the case of descaling work.

In descaling of toilets, the predominant cleaning material used is an acid based product (extracted from plants) which breaks down the heavy scale deposits to leave the tile walls and floor looking clean and fresh without causing any harm to the toilet surfaces or to human beings.

The cleaning products used are Descaler, Stainless steel cleaner, Hard surface floor cleaner, Bowl cleaner, Washbasin cleaner and Glass cleaner.

Our executives will quote the price on the basis of images of the restroom received through mail or WhatsApp.

As mentioned above, inadequately maintained restrooms with stubborn stains are cleaned using stronger cleaning descalers. Also, the time spent on cleaning them is considerably more. The charges, therefore, are higher for such restrooms.

In the cases of toilets which have thick, hard deposits requiring different and more painstaking treatment than regular de-scaling work, our charges will be higher.

Given below are details of our service charges for regular sized (Approx 6 ft x 4 ft) toilets.

Regular cleaning of toilets
De-scaling of toilets
Toilets with glass Partition
Toilets with thick, hard scale formation



Please note, apart from the published packages and their tariff, we also offer customized packages. In particular, our AMC charges are very attractive.

We cover the entire city at the above rates. Transportation charges will be charged extra for out of city locations.

If you wish to talk to us or avail any of our services, our office numbers are, 2225 3555 and 2225 3331.Or, you can order your services through our mobile application (Service Square). Or mail us at We will respond to you immediately.

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