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Repair Services

Have you been on the lookout for a reliable electrician or plumber or a carpenter to attend to a few repairs at home? Getting skilled people who can be relied upon is difficult at times. Service Square has reliable electricians, plumbers and carpenters to attend to minor and major jobs. You can depend on the team from Service Square to handle almost any Maintenance problems at your home.

The carpentry repair jobs done by us are as follows:

Minor / Major Repair works such as changing door lock and handle, problem in closing the window / door, rectifying creaky doors / cots / windows, attending to drawer problems, any problems with chairs, stools, wardrobe, cup boards, tables, other wooden items, photo frames, making provision for installing air-conditioners in existing window, arranging locksmith, etc. Making all types of new wooden furniture such as showcase, wardrobes, cabinets, chairs, tables, computer tables, dining table with chairs, racks, notice board, wooden partition, wooden telephone stand, cots, dressing tables, etc.

The electrical repair services provided are:

House wiring – new and alteration works such as: additional power point provision or shifting power point location, fixing sub meter, light fitting and fan related works, motor installation, conversion of single phase to three phase, AC point, etc. Trouble shooting works such as investigating cause of disruption in power supply, faulty switches, wire burn out, blown fuse, electric shock, etc.

Plumbing Services

Minor / Major Repair works such as changing taps and spindles, flush tank repairs and replacement, fixing washing machine water inlet, arrest water leaking problem, piping chokes, fixing additional water taps, foot valve replacement, motor replacement, pump air lock / leakage rectification, wash basin repair works, etc. Plumbing work for newly constructed houses, motor / pump installation , conversion of Indian closet to western closet type, re-laying bathroom floors, wall tiles, fixing wash basins etc.

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Service Square Guarantee


    • We redo our repair services if any part of our service is not done well, as promised, free of charges.


    • Our price structure is displayed on our website is fair and transparent - we do not manipulate customers for our gain.


    • Our own trained staff in company uniforms are deployed for delivering our services. We invest on training so that our teams believe in and practice company Mission and Values.


    • We get customer feedback in writing for every service. We also call from our office to get a feel of your service experience. In case of issues, remedial actions are taken. Constructive customer feedbacks are always taken seriously and acted upon.


The strength of Service Square is the trust our customers have in us. We do what we promise, always.
The quality of materials to be used is entirely up to the discretion and budget of our customers. We would however not take up a job if we fear the quality of materials suggested by a customer would compromise on the quality of our work.
This is a policy we have decided on, to make sure that no project is stalled or delayed due to non-availability of funds. This ultimately works out in the best interest of our customers. And, we have a reputation of being trust worthy.
We are serious about redoing any part of the work in the event a customer is not happy with the output. At every stage of the work, (even when they are out of the country) we keep our customers involved and in the loop. Therefore, we have not faced even one occasion when we were asked to redo a work.
Service Square has been in this field for nearly 10 years. This vertical has all along been handled by our director, Mathan Kumar. A panel of expert architects and interior designers advise us on structural and design elements.
We have handled several projects for N.R.I’s. We work the telephone lines rarely, but use emails and WhatsApp extensively to share the status of work along with photos.
Before start of work we share with our customers a schedule of work to be done, along with the timelines for each part of the work. Our supervisors and workers are in turn given a checklist of work to be done, along with the time limits.