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The way offices are maintained convey a lot about the energy and brand value of the companies they represent. In some cases the daily cleaning done by housekeeping teams is not good enough. For example, toilets are not spotlessly clean and often, the effect of hard water or water with saline content tell their own story on the tiles, floors, taps etc. Then, there may be a coat of dirt and dust on fans. One time cleaning of offices done by our housekeeping teams will bring the freshness and vitality back into offices.

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Some housekeeping jobs require physical inspection. Some are confirmed over phone after viewing images sent by mail or WhatsApp. On confirming your order, we send you a mail specifying the cost, what we do and what we don't

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We get customer feedback in writing for every service. We also call from our office to get a feel of your service experience. In case of issues, remedial actions are taken

Office Cleaning - Regular

    • Every part of the office - hall, cabins, toilets, pantry and balcony.
    • Cobwebs removal
    • Vacuuming of office walls, sofas, curtains, blinds etc.
    • Vacuuming all office chairs
    • Cleaning of glass partitions.
    • Dusting all office furniture
    • Cleaning lofts if any
    • Cleaning fans, lights, electrical fittings etc
    • Appliances, computers, phones & electronic gadgets (outside).
    • Stains on switches.
    • At an additional cost, we also scrub and clean tiled floors, using a machine.

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Service Square Guarantee


    • If any part of our housekeeping service is not done well, we redo the work - free of charges.


    • Our price structure is displayed on our website is fair and transparent - we do not manipulate customers for our gain.


    • Our own trained staff in company uniforms are deployed for delivering our services. We invest on training so that our teams believe in and practice company Mission and Values.


    • We get customer feedback in writing for every service. We also call from our office to get a feel of your service experience. In case of issues, remedial actions are taken. Constructive customer feedbacks are always taken seriously and acted upon.

Office Cleaning Pricing

 Office Cleaning Services

 Office Cleaning Services


We can ensure our team comes for cleaning on weekends provided we are informed at least 4 days in advance. Weekends are busy time for us.
We prepare a checklist of items and places to be cleaned in the office prior to commencement of the work. At close of work, our customers are requested to go through the list and ensure all aspects of the checklist have been taken care of.
In our regular deep cleaning we clean only the outsides of cupboards and shelves. However, with our Premium cleaning package, our team will also clean inside cupboards.
Yes, our team will dust and clean them.
Our team will clean ink marks, stains etc., on furniture using quality cleaning products.
We clean windows from inside with special cleaning products. If there is easy access to clean windows from outside, we will clean them. We do vacuum blinds, curtains etc.
3 M, Taski and other proven products are used for various cleaning jobs. Taps, glasses, tiles etc., have different product requirements and hence specific 3 M and branded products are used for them. We also have all purpose cleaning agents which are very effective in Chennai conditions. We avoid using acids except in extreme conditions because of the health hazards and its corrosive effect on tiles.
We vacuum all office chairs. Shampoo cleaning of chairs is not part of our regular cleaning package. It can be done at extra cost.
We can take care of your periodic cleaning requirements through AMC packages. We will remind you regarding the scheduled dates for cleaning. Besides, the savings with AMC is substantial.
This depends on the service requirement. For example, we send 2 of our cleaning professionals for deep cleaning of an office measuring about 750 sq ft and 3 in the case of a 1000 sq ft office. More people are deployed in case of larger offices.
At times, we request our customers to send us pictures of their office on WhatsApp. A tentative quote is then informed to customers. In case of larger areas or of a much neglected office, we insist on physical inspection before giving our quote.
We accept payment by cheque or internet banking. Cash payments are accepted if that is the only option for a customer. N.R.I customers, however, have to make an advance payment before commencement of the service.
We will be happy to perform other services not shown in our list of services. We like to customize services. So kindly discuss with our customer service executives regarding the work to be done, the extra costs involved etc.
Canceling a job within 18 hours of the appointed date will entail payment of 50% of the quoted cost by the customer.