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Non-resident Indians have their share of challenges on account of the distance separating them from their roots. Identifying a reliable and honest service provider to take care of various service requirements back home, is a problem too tough to crack for most.

One of the biggest gifts an N.R.I can ask for is a service provider who is rock solid in all aspects.

What Service Square offers harried N.R.I's is reliable and honest services. With us around, they have a single vendor for handling their many requirements. And, the icing on the cake is, we make it a point to communicate on time with photos, about progress of work assigned to us.

The values we at Service Square practice enable us to see ourselves in the shoes of our customers. So, they can now feel relieved and confident - knowing we are there for them.

Why Us

Some challenges N.R.I's face in maintaining their properties in India.

  • Distance makes it impossible to keep an eye on their properties.
  • Identifying a reliable service provider.
  • Getting them to communicate consistently about status of work done.
  • Having to remind service providers and follow up about status of jobs is unnerving.
  • There are at times issues about unreasonable bills and fresh demands.

Service Square services could be the solution to the woes of N.R.I's

  • We are confident about our services, so, offer guarantees such as redoing a service free in case a customer is not happy.
  • Service Square company values are the pillars holding us in keeping the commitments we make.
  • Communicating regularly with pictures showing the status of jobs done is an art we have made our own.
  • Dedicated customer service executives handle the requirements of each of our N.R.I clients.
  • Systems and processes riding on the back of robust software ensure customer needs are documented and met.
  • Our vertical heads handling different services coordinate in the background to offer seamless services.
  • We are transparent about our pricing. We do not exploit a client because she or he is an N.R.I.
  • Our array of services offer a reliable inter disciplinary platform to our N.R.I clients. So, they do not have to depend on different service providers for their various requirements.

3 simple steps to manage your property back home

Get Estimate

Contact us through mail or call us with your requirements

Confirm Booking

We inspect the work to be done and send you a quote along with photos showing condition of the premises

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If iterations are needed, we oblige, happily. Upon acceptance of final quote and schedule of work with time frame, we get an advance up to 70% for purchase of materials etc., and commence work/p>

NRI Services

    • Housekeeping : One time deep cleaning, restroom cleaning, sofa cleaning
    • Home interiors: Interior decoration or renovation of homes, painting of homes, floor polishing, repair
    • Major or minor repair services involving carpentry, electrical and plumbing services.
    • Paying bills to government departments on behalf of clients.
    • Getting homes ready and attractive before renting them or putting them up for sale.
    • Selling, Renting out homes, collecting rent, maintaining homes etc.

Customer Says...

17 years of building trust through our housekeeping services       Know More

Service Square Guarantee


    • If any part of our housekeeping service is not done well, we redo the work - free of charges.


    • Our price structure is displayed on our website is fair and transparent - we do not manipulate customers for our gain.


    • Our own trained staff in company uniforms are deployed for delivering our services. We invest on training so that our teams believe in and practice company Mission and Values.


    • We get customer feedback in writing for every service. We also call from our office to get a feel of your service experience. In case of issues, remedial actions are taken. Constructive customer feedbacks are always taken seriously and acted upon.


Service with heart means working with full involvement and commitment, almost merging with the work. To make the idea real, we:
  • Hear & understand
  • Expect the best
  • Act with Integrity
  • Respect Diversity
  • Transcend ourselves
3 M products are used for various cleaning jobs. Taps, glasses, tiles etc., have different product requirements and hence specific 3 M and branded products are used for them. We also have all purpose cleaning agents which are very effective in Chennai conditions. We avoid using acids except in extreme conditions because of the health hazards and its corrosive effect on tiles.
As far as possible, we send the same staff to customers' place, as this has a bearing on customer comfort. However, we cannot guarantee this always due to various factors which includes the availability of staff on a particular day
This depends on the service requirement. For example, we send 2 of our cleaning professionals for deep cleaning of a 2 BHK home and 3 in the case of a 3 BHK home. One of our staff can easily clean 3 toilets in a day. For sofa cleaning, 2 of our team are assigned.
We get an understanding of the sq ft area and condition of the place to be cleaned, from the discussion our customer service specialists have with customers. At times, we request our customers to send us pictures of their homes/office on WhatsApp. A tentative quote is then informed to customers. In case of a larger area or of a place kept in locked condition for several months, we insist on physical inspection before giving our quote
We accept payment by cheque or internet banking. Cash payments are accepted if that is the only option for a customer. N.R.I customers, however, have to make an advance payment before commencement of the service.
We uncover the beauty hidden behind dust and grime, through our cleaning. Making living spaces 'beautiful' is made possible by adherence to our processes combined with the heartful rendering of services by our professionals. Our teams strive to create happy experiences for our customers every time we provide a service.
Our cleaning professionals also strive to do some extra things like neatly arranging the linen on the bed or keeping books in a shelf in order
We will be happy to perform other services not shown in our list of services. Our customer service specialists will inform you regarding the possibilities. So kindly discuss with them regarding the work to be done, the extra costs involved etc
Canceling a job within 24 hours of the appointed date will entail payment of 50% of the quoted cost by the customer