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About listening to customers to give them what they need

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The Service Square mobile application is nearly ready and we are going to launch it on Monday, 16th April, 2018. This launch is going to be an important milestone for us at Service Square because of the impact it is going to create in enhancing customer service and quality of services offered.

The services listed in our mobile application are confined to our two verticals

  • housekeeping &
  • interiors & renovation.

The temptation to add more services and create an impressive list of service offerings was very strong.

But we resisted the temptation to offer everything to everyone and decided to stick to our knitting. We feared that our promise to provide service with a heart would be the first casualty in case of a decision in that direction. We now feel very happy that our focus is very clear and strong.

Yet, within the limited range of services we offer, customers give us huge opportunities to improvise and come up with customized services within the limited range of our services.

For example, towards the end of last month, one of our customers who heads a company wanted us to clean the space above the false ceiling in his office. He was apprehensive about insects and rodents proliferating in the space, so, he asked us for help.

Our reflexive reaction was – let’s say no to this opportunity because we haven’t done this before and the work seems hard. Then we thought better and harder and said we would take up the work. Initially, we toyed with the idea of cutting open the false ceiling. It then occurred to one of our staff that we could remove the lights on the false ceiling and through the opening this provided, insert the hose of a good vacuum cleaner to clean the space inside. This is what we ended up doing to solve the problem for our customer. The customer got a simple, cost effective, efficient and happy solution to his problem.

A few days later, during the early part of this month, we had another opportunity to do something different. This time, it was to clean the insides of a ship belonging to the French government. At the outset, we were warned that the concerned authorities in the ship would not tolerate any inferior work and we should be ready with experienced staff, proper equipments, tools, protective gear and branded cleaning materials.

Though we initially felt inclined to decline the opportunity, better sense and boldness prevailed in the end. We decided we would take up the work and sent 10 of our staff for cleaning the ship. Our team rose to the occasion and impressed the customer with our meticulous work.

These two jobs which we handled with class and aplomb has left behind a few learnings.

The first is, our tagline – service with a heart – would sound hollow if we insist that customers have to choose from what we have. It would be insincere and hypocritical to flaunt – service with a heart – on our customers when we do not display the capability or inclination to listen to the actual needs of our customers. “Listen to our customers” is the mantra that would put us in a league of our own and make us unique.

The second lesson is about the immense possibility hiding in the catch line of an old Emirates ad - "When was the last time you did something for the first time?"

Doing new things as often as possible put us in a space to handle challenges and opportunities. This is the way for Service Square to go.