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Interior Decorating Services

Our interior decoration team blends creative ideas and experience to offer designs that stand out for aesthetics and elegance. Our expert designers always factor in our customer's desires. For us, this is the major element of any job. Execution of jobs comes naturally to us and we execute all jobs with a heart.

To translate our Mission - making living spaces beautiful - we involve a colour specialist gifted with the knack of choosing colours on walls, curtains etc., matching the personality of the family and the environment.

At the end, we hand over a home that is elegant, orderly, functional and very pleasing to the eye. You will find in Service Square a reliable and honest partner. We will go out of our way to make the blueprint of your ideal home or office into a reality.

3 simple steps for Interior Decoration

Get Estimate

Do drop us a mail or call us. We will inspect your home or office and give you a and prompt estimate with drawings, if necessary

Confirm Booking

On confirming your order, we will send you a quote, what we commit to doing, with specifications of the materials to be used. 70% advance is taken at the time of confirmation

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We keep customers involved regarding the status of jobs at every stage of the work. If our customers are N.R.I's we inform them through mails along with photos showing the work done. In case of mistakes on our part, remedial actions are taken

Interior Decorators

Civil works - Drawings

    • 2D drawings
    • Building drawings
    • 3D drawings
    • Elevation views
    • Civil interior views

Customised wood works

Our interior designers and carpenters will make furniture tailor made for you. We make modular kitchens, wardrobes, sofas, coffee tables, dining tables, bookshelves, showcases, TV stands, display units and any other furniture of your choice. We use top quality ply woods and laminate sheets of well known brands. We use standard and premium fixtures and fittings for all our wood works.

Wall works

We can suggest and organise wall papering, wall paneling, wall tiling, multi-colored painting and more.

Ceiling works

False ceilings will enhance the aesthetics of your rooms if they are designed and constructed well. We employ the best false ceiling workers whose finishes would give your home a modern and elegant look.

Lighting works

With the help of LED illuminations and other modern fittings, insides of your home would become a visual treat. It will always set a mood of warm and colorful peace.

Decor works

The best of decorative elements, such as objects of curiosity, artworks, sculptures, wall hangers etc., not only make your homes interesting to others, they also express your personality.

Customer Says...

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Our Guarantee

    • In case of mistakes made by us in interior decoration or renovation service, we will redo the relevant work, free of cost.
    • Knowledgeable and experienced designers will invest time with you to give you designs which are elegant, simple and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Timely completion of jobs entrusted to us.
    • In case you do not live in Chennai, weekly reports showing the status of jobs entrusted to us, with photos.
    • Transparency in all our dealings. Everything we do will be documented and shared with you.
    • Commitment to stick to the quality assured by us, including the materials used at work.


Service with heart means working with full involvement and commitment, almost merging with the work. To make the idea real, we:
  • Hear & understand
  • Expect the best
  • Act with Integrity
  • Respect Diversity
  • Transcend ourselves
3 M products are used for various cleaning jobs. Taps, glasses, tiles etc., have different product requirements and hence specific 3 M and branded products are used for them. We also have all purpose cleaning agents which are very effective in Chennai conditions. We avoid using acids except in extreme conditions because of the health hazards and its corrosive effect on tiles.
As far as possible, we send the same staff to customers' place, as this has a bearing on customer comfort. However, we cannot guarantee this always due to various factors which includes the availability of staff on a particular day
This depends on the service requirement. For example, we send 2 of our cleaning professionals for deep cleaning of a 2 BHK home and 3 in the case of a 3 BHK home. One of our staff can easily clean 3 toilets in a day. For sofa cleaning, 2 of our team are assigned.
We get an understanding of the sq ft area and condition of the place to be cleaned, from the discussion our customer service specialists have with customers. At times, we request our customers to send us pictures of their homes/office on WhatsApp. A tentative quote is then informed to customers. In case of a larger area or of a place kept in locked condition for several months, we insist on physical inspection before giving our quote
We accept payment by cheque or internet banking. Cash payments are accepted if that is the only option for a customer. N.R.I customers, however, have to make an advance payment before commencement of the service.
We uncover the beauty hidden behind dust and grime, through our cleaning. Making living spaces 'beautiful' is made possible by adherence to our processes combined with the heartful rendering of services by our professionals. Our teams strive to create happy experiences for our customers every time we provide a service.
Our cleaning professionals also strive to do some extra things like neatly arranging the linen on the bed or keeping books in a shelf in order
We will be happy to perform other services not shown in our list of services. Our customer service specialists will inform you regarding the possibilities. So kindly discuss with them regarding the work to be done, the extra costs involved etc
Canceling a job within 24 hours of the appointed date will entail payment of 50% of the quoted cost by the customer