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During the last 16 years we invested a lot of effort, time and resources in creating "wow" experiences for our customers through our housekeeping and maintenance services. This experience will come in handy to benefit a larger segment of customers living in apartment complexes. Our Integrated Facilities Management teams aim to consistently increase the productivity of our end users by reducing costs, minimizing risks and increasing end-user satisfaction.

From the perspective of potential customers our major assets are the values we stick to in all our works. Isn' t it attractive for flat owners associations to be served by a Facility Management Company that can be trusted to keep its commitments in transparent ways?

At Service Square we hold ourselves accountable through monthly review of the work done and those remaining to be done. We like the idea of sitting down with Flat Owners Association to fine tune our operations. .

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Do drop us a mail or call us. We will inspect your residential apartment complex or office and give you a and prompt estimate along with our profile

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On confirming your order, we help create an agreement factoring in our commitments and checklists

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We keep our clients in Residential apartment and commercial complexes informed about our progress through daily, weekly and monthly progress reports. Monthly review meetings are also held


Imagine being served by a facilities management organization dedicated to providing services with a heart, owning a mission of making living spaces beautiful!

At Service Square we hold ourselves accountable through monthly review of the work done and those remaining to be done. We insist on sitting down with Flat Owners Association to fine tune our operations.

By registering and measuring the feedbacks from flat owners after issues raised by them are resolved, we ensure speedy redressal of complaints and evaluation of our team performance.

Our Residential Facility Management Services include:

    • Cleaning and Gardening services
    • Energy Management
    • Waste management
    • Service of fire protection systems and, Access and security systems
    • Sanitary Services
    • STP, WTP maintenance
    • Swimming pool, club maintenance etc.
    • LT system service
    • Regular preventive maintenance
    • Operating personnel & the technical equipment inspection and maintenance
    • Building maintenance
    • Property Management
    • 24/7 Reception services

18 years of building trust through our housekeeping services       Know More

Service Square Guarantee


    • Strict adherence to Preventive maintenance schedules to achieve zero down time services.
    • Staff Evaluation to measure and improve the performance of our teams.
    • Structured weekly or monthly review of work done, pending work, plan for the next month etc., to ensure continuous improvement.
    • Asset management through labelling and recording of all assets.
    • Support services for almost all home/flat maintenance needs - directly delivered by Service Square.
    • Concierge services offered for residents of large apartment complexes.
    • We will give unstinted support to our clients in going green. Saving costs through solar energy and healthy living through organic gardening are things we are passionate about.


Service with heart means working with full involvement and commitment, almost merging with the work. To make the idea real, we:
  • Hear & understand
  • Expect the best
  • Act with Integrity
  • Respect Diversity
  • Transcend ourselves
3 M products are used for various cleaning jobs. Taps, glasses, tiles etc., have different product requirements and hence specific 3 M and branded products are used for them. We also have all purpose cleaning agents which are very effective in Chennai conditions. We avoid using acids except in extreme conditions because of the health hazards and its corrosive effect on tiles.
As far as possible, we send the same staff to customers' place, as this has a bearing on customer comfort. However, we cannot guarantee this always due to various factors which includes the availability of staff on a particular day
This depends on the service requirement. For example, we send 2 of our cleaning professionals for deep cleaning of a 2 BHK home and 3 in the case of a 3 BHK home. One of our staff can easily clean 3 toilets in a day. For sofa cleaning, 2 of our team are assigned.
We get an understanding of the sq ft area and condition of the place to be cleaned, from the discussion our customer service specialists have with customers. At times, we request our customers to send us pictures of their homes/office on WhatsApp. A tentative quote is then informed to customers. In case of a larger area or of a place kept in locked condition for several months, we insist on physical inspection before giving our quote
We accept payment by cheque or internet banking. Cash payments are accepted if that is the only option for a customer. N.R.I customers, however, have to make an advance payment before commencement of the service.
We uncover the beauty hidden behind dust and grime, through our cleaning. Making living spaces 'beautiful' is made possible by adherence to our processes combined with the heartful rendering of services by our professionals. Our teams strive to create happy experiences for our customers every time we provide a service.
Our cleaning professionals also strive to do some extra things like neatly arranging the linen on the bed or keeping books in a shelf in order
We will be happy to perform other services not shown in our list of services. Our customer service specialists will inform you regarding the possibilities. So kindly discuss with them regarding the work to be done, the extra costs involved etc
Canceling a job within 24 hours of the appointed date will entail payment of 50% of the quoted cost by the customer