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Customer Testimonial

Here is a feedback received from Mr.Ashish Bahl who is an N.R.I living in the US. He discovered us through our web site. That started our relationship which got cemented during the two months we executed the various renovation works in his house located in Thoraipakkam. Given below is the mail he sent us on June 06, 2014.

Dear Mathan,
First of all , apologies for writing this letter late, its been around 3 weeks that the work at my Thoraipakkam house has been completed, I wanted to write it to you earlier but my work kept me away from it. Better late than never.

Regarding your customer service:
I and my wife would like to thank you for all the excellent customer service that you have provided for more than 2 months of work at our house. We being abroad, you kept us in the loop with pictures, updates via what's app. It really took away all the boundaries , we felt as if we are seeing the progress right sitting there with you in Chennai and the distance of thousands of miles did not matter at all due to your constantly keeping us informed on the progress.
All our friends were extremely surprised that we did our house renovation in Chennai sitting here in the US.

Regarding your workmanship:
We were equally impressed with the workman ship of the people you employed firstly in thorough cleaning of the house, then in getting the house fully painted inside and out and then putting loft shelves with Polly wood through the house and lastly in completing the Wardrobe. We were especially impressed with the wardrobe as we did not know how itís going to come out, all the design work etc were left to you and you took such good care of it and we were highly impressed.

Regarding your work ethics.
We liked the fact that you were so honest. When we were giving work to you, lot of people told us, once they get money they would work at their pace since you are not sitting next to them, but you proved all those people wrong, you completed the work as planned and if there were any delays, you did not lie and told upfront that you did not start on the planned day due to some reason.

I would like to tell you that I am personally ready to give feedback to anyone else regarding your work as and when you need it. Kindly pass this feedback to CEO of ServiceSquare. You are an asset to the company.

Thanks a lot for everything.

Ashish Bahl