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About Us

Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question . . . Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't it is of no use."
- Carlos Castaneda

Service Square is a professional solution provider for services that require skilled and committed human intervention. We put our hearts into whatever we do. That is why our tagline is - Service with a heart. Service with a heart means working with full involvement and commitment, almost merging with the work we do. To make the idea real, we:
Hear to understand
Expect the best
Act with Integrity
Respect Diversity
Transcend ourselves

When we merge or identify ourselves with our work, it is inevitable that we uncover the beauty inherent in places. So, in our housekeeping services, we don't just clean, we bring out the hidden beauty of the place. Or, when we renovate or do interior decoration works, we search for ways to enhance the beauty of the place beyond what is mandated from us.
We understand, service with a heart or making living spaces beautiful would remain hollow words if we do not have sound systems and processes. In fact, the heart of making living spaces beautiful is made possible through our adherence to robust systems and processes.

Service Square specialises in:

  • Interior Decoration / Renovation, painting, floor polishing and repair services.
  • One time deep cleaning services, sofa & carpet cleaning for homes and offices.

Our services are ideally suited for busy people, offices, residential complexes and N.R.I's who need a reliable organisation to take care of their homes and their dear ones.

At Service Square you get critical services customers like you actually need. We give you freedom from the headaches of life. In the process, we create wonderful experiences for you as we perform our services marked by excellence and quality.

Something time has not changed at all but has only got reinforced over the last 17 years is our Mission:

To see the smile on the faces of our customers in flat associations, homes and office complexes, as we transform their living spaces into orderly, inspiring and beautiful places.

Our adherence to our Mission and values ensure you get what you deserve - service with a heart We are very excited about the path we have chosen.

Leadership Team

Babu Vincent - Managing Director


Fresh out of a very productive stint as director in a courier company, Babu Vincent founded Service Square in the year 2000. It was a company providing mainly concierge services, offering more than 150 services for employees in Corporate organizations. Service Square began focusing on select Property Management services from 2008 to act as a one-point solution for managing and maintaining residences. He believes in providing experiences rather than just transactions in all the services provided by Service Square. He wants his company's customers to end up on the winning side, gaining more in value for the price they pay for services. For Babu Vincent, the most important goal is to create a company where everyone works providing quality, commitment, value for money, honesty and timely service in all they do. He believes that Service Square's journey has barely begun and it has a long way to go in its quest to delight its customers through services offered with a heart. He is very proud of the team he has with him. Prior to founding Service Square, he had worked as a teacher, social worker and business executive. He worked his way up, through several twists and turns in life - in different parts of India, particularly in Calcutta, for more than a decade. Apart from working with a wonderful team to build Service Square, he also writes. He contributes to a company blog where entrepreneurs offering services in exceptional ways are featured. His personal blog where he chronicles his growth story is He is a keen long distance runner and has completed a few full marathons in 2014 and 2015. Helping create Service Square into a world class organization with pan India presence is his mission.

Mary Sujatha - Director


Apart from a Master's degree in HR, Mary Sujatha is an Arts and Law graduate.
She has 35 years of rich experience in Human Resource & Administration in various industries and service sectors heading HR functions. Her experience has been very diverse, having worked in Educational institutions, Pharma, FMCG, Construction, Manufacturing and Hospitals, managing large employee strength. She has been actively involved in NIPM (National Institute of Personnel Management) over several years as an Executive member, and is the only lady to have adorned the position of Hon. Secretary of NIPM, Mysore Chapter for 2 years in the 50 years history of NIPM. She was instrumental in forming a Women's wing of NIPM called PRERANA. She has conducted many training programmes especially for women working in various industries.
She has made immense contributions in the improvement of corporate administration and is known for her skills in conducting workshops & seminars. She has conducted several programmes on Creative Thinking for Corporate organizations.
The World HR Board - Middle Earth Group has certified her competence in: 1) Competency / Performance appraisal, 2) Compensation benefits, 3) Organizational Development, 4) Psychometric Analysis, 5) Organizational change management and 6)HR Analytics & Metrics.