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It is Simple to Maintain a clean home even with a busy schedule.

Festivals are round the corner and if you are interested in revamping your house or your room according to the festivals, here are some ideas to revamp your place in harmony with each festival. Looking for things that could embellish your household, think of so many ways and try out different looks to make the place you live in, a happy and a cosy one. Each room could be given a different feel and tone. Only, one needs to understand or picture the desired tone to add your personal touch to it. This is how you can make the vast or small space in your home your personal space with your unique signature. Some of the current trends involve a lot of detailing to decor and design.

Lets start with some paint
Sure, painting takes time, but it can totally change the way a room looks. This is one of the simplest ways to revamp a room on a budget because it’s easy and if you can paint your room all by yourself, it’s awesome but sometimes it might take longer than you expect. It’s always great if you have someone who can paint your house or you can call an agency to help you out with painting services. There are so many different agencies you can contact and get your work done at affordable prices. If you think it is too much work painting the entire room, just pick a prominent wall in your room and paint a happy bright colour that goes with the theme and imminent festival.

Adding lights to your room
You can get as imaginative as you want when it comes to deciding on the lighting during festival season. Light plays a vital part in setting the state of mind, regardless of whether it is regular light or shadows that we are discussing. Try to stay away from the white lights and pick lighting that suits your mood as well as that supplements the colour theme of your room. Toss in a couple of candles, exquisite lampshades or hanging paper lights, and your home will resemble a place crafted by an expert. So be exceptionally specific and creative when it comes to lighting.